Why tf would I waste 99.99 on a stupid key

Why would it let me just do a comparison
I spent £10 this weekend And with it I got… Demogorgan,Tapp and myers (with his outfit) Vs a key.
For the world’s worst battle pass I ever seen
And you think it’s worth $100 because 10 Bennys and basil’s… Straight after you fucked the whole level system.
I mean I’m not mad I’m laughing not the fact that your clowns.But your the entire circus, scratch that, your the entire circus industry
The only reason ppl are staying in your game now is either because addiction or they want to wacth first hand the clown fiasco first hand because if there’s one thing you definitely are good at it’s being the joke that keeps on giving… But how long til that’s paywalled.


Well if this is a circus I want in because $1 billion company is a pretty impressive. But I’m guessing you have a much better job

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Lol. Such a fan boy.


Key is 20, it’s only 100 if you want the extra trainers. I don’t think 80 for 100 Bennies and Basils is a good deal, but the key at 20 is. It’s probably the best offer they ever had, if you exclude the unintended ones.


Absolutely, a lot of respect for a company that everybody hates but they still make billions of dollars. Thanks for noticing

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It really is a poorly implemented battle pass and is solely there to get whales and mass spenders to drop these amounts for what is really poor “rewards”. Battle pass in games are there to unlock content at a steady pace and to also have ongoing support for there live service all the while being under £10 or in the case of CoD free if you save up 1000 CoD points and you can buy tue next seasons one if not at least its cheap. Not the price of two AAA games. Really dropped the ball with this ones Scopes.

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Equivalent mechanic in

  • TWD Our world: ~€30 for 6 weeks
  • E&P ~€10 for 2 months (substantially lower rewards though)
  • Clone Evo: ~€20 for a month
  • TWD RTS: ~€20 for 7 weeks

In none of them can you buy them with in-game currency, nor get them free. The implementation here is absolutely typical for similar games, and I’d say it’s te best value in absolute terms


Escobar made billions off of shamelessly exploiting addictions, too. You a fan of his?


Lol (7 chars)

Hey…this is different…somehow…, I’ll get you an answer on discord but I won’t be able to post it here

Was waiting for somebody to post something silly like this. Legitimate business, this is a legitimate business. And if you didn’t notice there was sarcasm in there. Everybody well almost everybody on these forums hates the game yet they play. Do you know what I’m saying…

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In scopley they called milking .

Legitimate businesses are legitimate based on who is in charge of making the laws. Not long ago a canabis vendor/grower wasn’t a legitimate business in the US. In 1920’s/30’s America Bars were not legitimate businesses. Some states consider prostitution a legitimate business and some don’t - same with gambling. And all that’s just in the US.
The term ‘legitimate business’ can’t really be used as a counter point to the Escobar comment.


That can be said for anything. But thank you for taking the time to point out stuff that was illegitimate and became legitimate. I don’t think murdering your rivals will ever be considered a legitimate practice but who knows.

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Pointless complaining it is what it is, spend the money elsewhere, clothes, car, house, whatever, all are a better investment and you will have something to show for it long after what ever you bought In this game has been made worthless, and yes I bet there are people who have spent the equivalent of a house on this game with absolutely nothing to show for it

Back in line, Private


It’s only murder if you get caught shhhh :wink:

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Unethical practices are unethical practices, homie. Wether it be by a drug lord or a micro-transaction pusher.


Dude stop with those decent lies and overvaluing things that has no value in reality , you’re just embarrassing yourself, hers the top 10 networth of mobile games developers 2020 as u see scopely is nothing compared to the big dogs

That being said anything can be construed as unethical in micro transactions that right? My point from the store is you have a full room full of people that do nothing but talk bad about this game. You have a few people that don’t. The people still login and play the game some spend lots of money So the blame cannot fall solely on the company. Just like we would have no drug lords if people chose not to do cocaine, math, heroin, or whatever the choices this week.

METH not math