Why territories crash? - tested


First a quote from @JB.Scopely:

Find the quote here: https://forums.scopely.com/t/territories-destroyed-leagues-fail/34387/65

So they think it has something to do with “lower tier devices” and a lot of people counter this comment with their S8 or S9 phones and they crash, too. I have these troubles, too.

First, I didnt try to reproduce this, I only change the rom of my phone. I have a Xiaomi Mi5 with the MIUI-Rom on it (it has some bloats, but not the high bloatware an average bootloader locked and unrooted android phone straight from the sellphone provider next door). And I switched to LineageOS 16.0 (Android 9.0) and didnt install Google Apps (I am so done with Googles Bloatware, but this is another topic.)

Short story, my phone is now blazing fast, and there are no crashes on territories now. So it isnt a “lower tier device” - problem at all. It is a performance problem!!!

So if this is the background of the territory crash trouble, the question is: why is a situation like: “your team gets kicked from a territory” a high performance task from the game, that let us kicked out? Scope should check that.

PS. and my test is a proof that it isnt “device specific”.

I hope not everbody now tries to change their phone-roms or kick google bloats, just try to reduce some other perfomance killers in the background from other apps and check if u get kicked as always.


Any chance you could dumb that down a bit for the benefit of technotwats like myself?


I get booted using Bluestacks, that cant be a performance/device thing


Ehhm, Territory-Crash is because your phone has too much stress and not because it is old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I can understand that, my phone is S8 but takes a hell of a battering on a day to day basis, not surprised its stressed.


I want to try bluestacks, too. But in my case it isnt a device thing, the device is the same, I just reduce bloats from other apps. Thats it.


I tried something that didn’t make me crash lately.
I have the feeling this is obviously a game performance problem meaning that too much information were handled in the game and would make it crash (which happens when you get multiple boots/events arriving at the same time)

For TT, what I tried was the following: go and attack a TT with first attack, when done waiting a bit until it shows in the history you attacked it, then go to another TT and repeat attacks by attacks.

since then, less bugs


Thats why all technotwats have bloats on there phones, which they never use or never heard about it. I actually write a blog about reducing bloats and privacy against bigdata. But it isnt in english. :sweat_smile:


As I had these troubles, I notice the same. If you are on the territories map and teams get kicked in this moment, there arent any errors or crashes. I got a crash if I am somewhere else, at SR tourney or on the war map etc.

So another solution could be the reduce of “just in time” - information about territory situation. I bet it wont crash if we first get informations about our troups when we enter the territories.


Don’t worry, I wouldn’t understand it any better if it was :rofl:

I need screenshots to guide me through the simplest of things.


Hey scopely, the problem is not about our phone or something like that, the problem is your game system, shut up and please fix this bug.


Confirmed. I tried nox instead of bluestacks and the crash is back.


Galaxy s8+ next to nothing ever running doubt its device issue or too much stress but anythings possible i suppose


The territory lost/captured notifications are usually the cause of the crash for me (iPhone X), especially when opening the game and trying to do anything before all the notifications have been shown.

Also often crashes when placing defence if either I won the territory (or another player did at the time I place the def.)


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