Why still reward non ascendable 5*?


This is a major shortcoming of this game recently- essentially the meta has been pushed to where 6* are the new 5* and 5* are the new 3*. Yet rewards have not been adjusted according to the new meta - example is the new Lucille token event, we can get negan which is good, but the other 3 5* in that wheel are essentially worthless - red Romanov is an easy 1 shot kill with 6* tyreese- why not make these acsendable if they are going to be on the prize wheel? The new sr rewards have the same problem. We are left holding a roster of 5* we don’t want to use as roster just in case they become a good 6*. Bottomline - 6* was rushed way too soon and has had horrible impacts on the game. There is still only around 20 6* available with only around 8 which were not new premiers. This should not have even been discussed until they had a pool of 50 to release with the update. Until then - why not reward only acsendable premier toons? The new meta has basically resulted in us competing for 3*…


Agreed. 4*'s have become the new 3*'s and 5*'s have become the new 4*'s.