Why stay on the forums?

Something I’m curious about.

Why stay on the forums? Why not move these discussions to another site (Reddit?) where posts can’t be removed by Scopely?

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That is forbidden word, use different word order, letter spacing etc.

wasn’t even halfway done reading it before it went poof

Andrea is really busy today, andy here is song to keep you awake

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Bout time someone posted something good

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Wanna smoke a blunt with me sometime

Unfortunately, the subreddit for this game is slow, with toxic people who downvote even on-topic game-related posts for no apparent reason. And, they make silly claims, like they know better than the developers how much damage is blocked by evasion and the combat guide posted here by the developers is wrong.

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It’s increasingly difficult for me to stay on the forums, not because of Scopely shenanigans, but because the forums have gotten to be toxic and I rather not read that.

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I’m there myself.

Everytime I come to these forums I get more and more angry. These forms actually make me want to quit more than the game itself.

The game sucks, the developer suck, this place is toxic, I feel like nothing’s going to change, and it just puts me in a shity mood

Every time I see a scopely employee post something I literally want to rip my own head off or beat it against the wall because I just can’t believe some of the shit they type with a straight face

I need a break from this place.


Why tho? I am more on this forums then in game, it is actually funnier to read stuff here then to repeat same actions in game.

I agree with a lot of what you said.

I think what’s keeping me going is looking at this as more of a social experiment. I’m curious how this all plays out.

Why ask why?


Fyi-the Scopely\Kali tried to push other places a few months back. If people don’t post here good or the bad then nothing gets done.
You don’t think they’d like everyone to come and only see unicorn shit and have everyone believe it’s gold? Why do you think they shifted from the forums on the official company website to here?

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Are these not on the official company website?

I thought the old forums were forum.scopely.com. These are forums.scopely.com.

No the old forums used to be right here

Now it’s hidden

If we post anything negative (even though it’s true) about scopley it’s removed immediately, they subjectively use the ToS to benefit them.


Also would like to point out if you go to your link for the old forums it has multiple ways to go to Scopely.com they literally have 0 ways to ways to go to Scopely.com real site in these forums.


If you click on Terms of Service in the top it’ll take you to their main site.

I get what you’re saying though.

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Good find, i had searched before. Still odd it’s buried in the site and the only link to the company is to it’s tos.

Also something fun with their main site.

They have an https cert, but they don’t enforce https. Generally not bad for most of the site, but if you go to the “Contact” section at the bottom it takes you to an insecure page where you’re expected to submit personal information.