Why some spender's stoped spending


So, let’s say you are a big whale (not my case but let’s keep the theory), and you had spend lot’s of money in the past on this game and have a huge amount of 5*
So as soon the legendary toon’s came by, you spended some Epic’s to upgrade the toon’s you previosly own wich were:
1-2 blue ty
1 Negan
1 Carl
1-2 Mirabele
Guardian ezekiel
1-2 shiva’s
And after some tournament’s you also made 1 abe and 1 yumiko

That is arround 11 legendary toon’s, so you wasted arround 88 epic’s. Fo you it might be nothing, you still have like 40 epic’s to waste on ascencion, but they are upset because they spend a lot on the past and now their team’s are the same as f2p

Now let’s say you are a regular player since the begginig of the game, who watch a lot’s of video’s and spend on monthly pass and eventualy spend and does some pull’s:
You should have by now around 8 legendary’s
(My case) I have:
2 shiva’s
Ezekiel Guardian
1x Blue ty
1x Mirabele

So you have almost the same team as the Whale. But with a diference, you do not have much more epic’s to waste on ascension as the whale. But you will not do pull’s because you are low on 5* needed to ascend the legendary’s, and your team is doing fine on war’s

And if you are a completely f2p player, you probably have at least 5-6 legendary toon’s and happy about it cause if you got luck on the token pull’s you have a team as good as the whale’s

Now let’s check the fact’s, f2p, average player and whale’s, all have the same fucking team lol.
With some whale’s having a more exclusive toon like victor, the main def is the same for all.
Average player’s do not have enough 5* to waste on ascension, so they will hold their try’s for 10 pack’s because even if they get the ascendable toon, they will not be able to use it till they participate and win 16 tournament’s because every tournament now seen’s to be giving around half a 5*
And whale’s are upset because their old team’s are not OP anymore and they have the same team as a f2p dude for main def

So unless Scopely increase the ammount of 5* we all receive, people will spend less and less
At least that is my point of view from my region


Not really, I see whales bought whytt, new red gov and alpha, which gets you back on track. Also f2p doesn’t have a luxury to max ar and active skills. So no worries, soon there will be a good premiere leader which will get whales to turn 1/2 defense activation and it will be all back on track, just one more toon.


I think you are on to something in general.I probably fall into the whale category (prestige 12).

I’ve had to put on hold buying now as I have a backlog of ARs and actives to level, that’s even with using AR scav mission, buying Adens from the Depot and hammering war for Adens from a crate (I generally put up about 400k in a full war). Also buying any resonable offer for actives/ar trainers.

Buying Aden’s/Actives at the current rate of 25gbp and worse given that I need 67 actives and 50 AR trainers to finish maxing out my existing 11 legendaries is too much money for even me someone who has a lifetime spend of circa 5000 GBP.

If you literally constrain everything it has a knock on effect on toons purchased, there is a definite relationship. The prices of Adens/actives when purchased directly (or indirectly by placing top 3 in contests) is only within the capability of the ultra-whales.

Until the supply is increased, it will act as a brake on team variety.


Not all whales are equal

Many older regions still have some spendy whales (who abuse refund and also use VK and other means) but most spenders have slowed way down.

There are only 3-4 whales on my region that have the new $$ premiers and 2 of them never do more than 90K in wars (so useless)

But for most prestige 11, 12 players, yes, F2P has the same , if not better teams

That basically informs anyone who has ever spent that not only was that spend a waste of money at the time, there is a further punishment for spending in that you can’t even use your 5* to do anything worthwhile


Lack of AR Trainers is a serious issue. I pulled 6* Gov almost 2 weeks ago and I only have his AR at 8/10 after he gets back from his Scav Mission today. 9/10 is the magic level to give him the 100% heal.

I see absolutely no point in spending on pulls for new 6* premiers when it will take a month to even use them because I can’t level their AR.


Most of my tower 6* have 1/8 1/10 ar level’s, i only upgraded my main team


Which gets us to the point that you have:

  1. main team 6*s
  2. tower 6*s

while most are still using combo with6/ 5*s. New level of powercreep will hit soon, it will be premiere related, it will show difference. Also it will be your chance to hold on to the urges, or will continue like whales in my region and buy all crap that is served and which will be a reason for moaning “why is it nerfed, why are similar stuff given away…”. Choice doesn’t really matter, spenders are gonna spend, some does it in waves, some does it constantly.

PS: I count as whales only long time p13, spenders in progress are bellow.


There has been another fringe ‘dis-benefit’ of the gap closing between the whales and ftp (something that I’m actually happy about but some other whales are less so).

At least on my region some of the established whales have reacted to their loss of supremacy by engaging with hackers to get ridiculous weapons to help maintain their advantage. Because they feel cheated themselves about past money spent being depreciated they self-justify this cheating as ‘fair’ as they feel cheated themselves.

Myself as a long term gamer (I did World of Warcraft for seven years) I was always excited by the new race that each Expansion (aka ‘reset’) brought. Six stars are just the equivalent in this game. But I think I’m in the minority among the whales that I’ve talked to in my region.


The big difference is that in a MMO gear reset, you basically just restart everyone on some solo story/lore questlines and easy group content to ‘gear up’ to an equal playing field to start raiding.

Here, the ‘gear reset’ literally cost thousands of real dollars.

Hardly the same thing.


I was a hugh payer but I stopped because of a diffrent reason before the 6* came along. Now I’m so glad I did and have no motivation to restart. Got like every old Ascendanceable 5* you can get for free and also few other 5* I always wanted. Like you said “F2P” now can really compete with whales… (having full rng also helps a lot…) I am still pissed like every whale is right know but pulling is like a addiction and to stop is really hard. The payers i my frac indeed stopped for a while but pull more often again. They feel like they need that toon to survive and completely ignore the fact that this toons soon will be outdated… Some ppl like myself manage to stop but I believe that few just do a break. In few months, maybe in one year Op shit will appear again and many ppl. will then restart again (or quitt before).


I’m a whale in Warren, I’ve spend alot of $$ probably 20.000 USD,
Why am I disgruntled ? I have ascended 12, and been able to T4 a single one, hurrah.
But I’m utterly out of gold medals, as i’ve spend 3600 already! so I can’t ascend any new characters I get, so why pull?
I Must admit, I’ve spend too much in the beginning of this, but I’ve quickly come to the conclusion, that I can’t keep levelling AR’s and actives and having to take another 5* to t4 80 and ascend etc etc. Time consuming and costly.
So my solution have been gasp to stop spending…
I tried for a canteen at the 50$ show: in 12 tries, I got 7 beanies, 3 schoolbags, and 2 other crap non-t4 items, so that was 600 USD for NOTHING absolutely nothing… hence, i’ve stopped bothering.
On our region, if you did 1000 points late in an event, you could see how many ‘active’ players there werre, you would end up around 1200 or so in the ranking, now if you do the same, you end up 280… so we lost 1000 casual players over the last 6 months. good job scopely. It’s literally impossible to get into tthis game as new player, at least to play on same regions as old players, and players stop from time to time, making regions smaller and smaller every day, making no competition and no fun. THAT is the real problem.


If you spend $100 for a .004% chance to get a character on a game on a phone you may need help.

That was me. I was a whale. I quit because i was tired of spending thousands on a stupid game. 3 weeks and I’ll have enough cash for a trip to Vegas for me and girl. That or I could have been warring hahaha.

Time to move on folks.


ah so that’s why we still get these rediculous offers is there is actually people who will buy them up. that offer was terrible why would you take it? and twelve times?


I’ve only done one 10 pull since 6* were released. Was going to do a max for Wyatt the other day but stopped and thought for a second and managed to talk myself out of it. Prestige 12. And it won’t go any higher. I’ve finally woken up and won’t get sucked into Scopleys BS reset. Thanks for saving my money :sunglasses:


I really wanted my main attack/defence teams being t4, but it was impossible, and to add to it, for each 50$ i got the value of 2$ maximum, so those 600 wasn’t my last one i’ve spend, but it was one of the ones that hurt so bad, that i’ve about stopped spending. should be illegal with such offers :frowning:


whales are gonna whale. you cant compare them to the regulars who watch videos here and there for coins. youre saying that pulling these premiers they used their old roster to ascend these new cards. some might have, but thats pretty foolish to do so knowing that these cards will ascend eventually. i know a lot p13s including myself that still have almost their whole old school roster along with these new cards, old school roster as in still having 200+ maxed epics. give or take lol.


No points in pulling when you can’t maxed the AR or Active skill.