Why so many trolls?


I play this game to have fun and escape my natural world, which is actually pretty amazing to be honest since I’m a vampire.

But then I leave that virtual reality and login to the forums to get back to the reality of life that is being a vampire. I come to see news here and post about my region and I see so many threads taken over by trolls.

With no disrespect to the moderators who say that intra region drama should stay in the region.

However since I have come out of my coffin and logged into this site it appears that I have become a bit of a celebrity, a tourist attraction if you will. And rightfully so. It seems multiple times daily we get a visitor to our global chat who has created an alternate account, seeking the virtual autographs of myself and my best mate Lames (god rest his forum account).

I just wonder why when we are trying to enjoy the game, post about our victories and failures (or lack thereof) someone comes along to try to bring us down like this.

Well it ain’t gonna work. You can’t keep Decatur down since we are the home of the mighty Wolfpack!!


Don’t forget Mega Bill


Because haters gonna hate, Bill.

They could also be part of the Fellowship of the Sun.

You never know.


I’m just all about the gifs today. Nothing personal.



People suck more then Vampires


That’s incredible because vampires literally suck. Get it? HAHA!


I’m pretty sure thats why he said it…




Possible video footage of of R0B18:


Are you suggesting that forum goers are starting to use vampire humor?


Trueblood vampires are almost as lame as twilight vampires. But you got to nail that hot chick so props.


So, if anyone wonders if I’m bored, I’m absolutely about to remove all doubt.

So, what’s a non lame vampire then? Blade? 30 Days of Night? Let Me In?


I am legend



Im only teasing Bill anyway. I just wanted to express my lust for sookie.


Sookie can get it. Eric too. But bill has no chance with his dainty ass.


tenor (1)

Team Eric, Team Pam, all the way.


Dusk till dawn. Selma Hayek…



Ask me any question you’ve been dying to ask of a vampire.


Without question, she’s hotter than Georgia asphalt, but that movie is lame af, esp for vampire genre.



I’m team Eric.

Fuck Bill. No offense @VampireBill. The other Bill.