Why so many complains

I have been playing this game a long time, I started when the game first came out and then I stopped playing for about a year for personal reasons, when I came back my 5* hard earned team was useless, I came to see the forums just to have a guide to what to do, because I love the game and I love the people it puts you in contact with, my faction was an awesome faction that became my family away from home, what I saw here was complain complain complain, why are so many people complaining? Because it’s in their nature, after 4-5 months of hitting hard I have a full ascended deck and much more, I spent yes, not much by any standards of whales, I got the club, the 70 coins and some packs of energy and I’m happy with what I got, so I just enjoy the game the people I have by my side and keep on hassling, so thank you scopely for what you give us and not for what you don’t, I appreciate the effort and I love the game I have just a suggestion not a complain, follow trough with the promises and updates and you will still have people that play the game
Btw I’m not an employee so don’t start with the oh she’s an employee I’m just a player that will sorely miss a game where you have the kind of people I have by my side I know because I already lost a game I loved and they just shut down that game was rage of Bahamut and I really don’t want to lose this one too so please scopely know that there is people out here that really care about the game




Who says we don’t care about this game? We complain BECAUSE we care and hate to see what was once an amazing game go down the toilet


Have you ever considered that maybe people’s complaints are justified? The game is a dumpster fire right now, and it keeps getting worse. Would you rather everyone praise the game so it continues on its current path?


Are you sure you’re playing the same game as everyone else? What exactly has Scopely given us other than continuous back hands with ever increasing pay walls to participate in events?


Should be this checked out by your doctor. =-P


No I’m not against change but what about criticism instead of complaints have you seen how many people complain even about free stuff? Did you see how many complained about the coins or well everything?

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Yeah just because I like the game I should be high? There is a lot of people that are not in this forums that even if they don’t like something they still enjoy the game

Well put bella.
I love the game and the people I’ve met playing it too. Thats why I and so many other people are with playersunited.

I understand what you’re saying, about the game being closed down. I’m scared of that too. I’ve already seen a lot of my friends stop playing recently, I’m not sure how many will be left when and if it does shut down.

Appreciate you pointing out the more positive aspects of the game, its always a good reminder.


People weren’t complaining about the coins but more about the promised deadline that wasn’t met.

It’s the principle, if you set yourself a deadline; you should meet it.

And with regards to people wanting free stuff, that’s not related to the United movement at all. We just want a better game that isn’t bug ridden and P2P.


Yeah and from that club I got cooper alpha and recently Donny and just with that I’m ok with the club

I too like this game and don’t wish to see it go anywhere. However there is no point denigrating those who complain. Recent decisions by Scopely have been subpar and without change they will drive away the playerbase, nevermind attracting new players and/or returning older players. The vast majority of people who complain do so because there’s a great game beneath the surface


Yes and it’s ok to voice your demands but where is the help for people that just started? Where is the posts from the players to help us get better, where is the posts of how to find or get or do better? I was like a new player when I re started and came here to find help, no one paid attention to my post of help just forget it and don’t play


I don’t denigrate any one voice your concerns but there is nothing but denigration about the game, the devs toons and people, have you seen anything else than we hate this we hate that and ohh yeah we also hate that

Clearly RNG is on your side. I spent months in that club and got all 4s except for one 5 that wasn’t even ascendable.

People complain because Scopely are running a game we love and have devoted years to into the ground and seem to go out of their way to do the exact opposite of whatever players actually want. They don’t listen, they don’t care and they don’t follow through on their so called “promises”. Maybe if they did people wouldn’t complain as much.


Nice things always go do down the toilet GoT, TWD TV series or comics.

If that was the case, then I feel for you but I’m sure most people on here would be willing to help if someone needed it and asked.

There are some really knowledgable guys and girls on here that will look at your roster and offer advice on what would be best, we want to close the gap between F2P and P2W but have so far been unsuccessful but it’s heading in the right direction.

Do you not find it demotivating having to pay for a chance at a toon? Would you prefer grindable events like Michelle? The RNG in this game is a huge problem and it needs to be tackled.

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And let’s just talk about degradation just because I said I have the club and I like the game I’m either drugged, stupid or mentally ill, I respect anyone’s opinions and I never insult

Why did you draw this conclusion? I didn’t.

Have u also noticed the mass amounts of people leaving along with the complaining? Scopelys treatment of players the last year has been horrible to say the least