Why should this happen?

My faction is sitting at about 50th in region war and we matched with a rank 8 faction twice in a row… why should that happen in a 10+ region war with 100+ factions


because you both finished war and instantly filled up and searched at the exact same time, its not that confusing


That ain’t a reason for anything. Sure there’s plenty faction that did the same

My faction is rank 154 and we get matches like that. It’s rarely that we get matched with anyone below our rank.

I feel your pain, my faction normally sits around the same place depending and we’re Always paired with the Top 10.

Historically the matchmaking has Always been utter shite, unfortunately. But this will never change. They’re too busy destroying the game with disgustingly OP toon Meta and releasing Cash Grab features aka Arenas and Veteran Rings instead of actually caring about the game and fixing the numerous Flaws, Bugs & Glitches.


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:point_up_2:this is complete bollocks

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