Why should I pay constantly to completely get my toon

I pay to get 5*, I pay to get some 5* gear, and now I can pay to get some medals to Spend on 6* gear later. I’m a newbie but that is something that drives me off your game. Can’t you just put some medals and gear in “pulling milestones”?


Welcome to Scopely, “Seize the Cash”


I’m okay with donating, but it’s more like daily subscription ffs.
I can barely name few things that are allowed to be achieved without spending.
And what’s about those useless coin options like raid shields and basic tokens, looks like a joke tbh

It’s been like this for a while, I honestly doubt things are gonna change.

I left feedback, my conscience is clean

You can get all of these things without paying if you’re willing to grind it out. 5* toons you can get from tokens for placing in events, 5* gear is in the new weekly roadmaps (save some world energy cans, you can replay the last two stages and get extra gear each time), ascendance medals are available in the daily survival road medal box, in the weekly medal roadmap (silver only) and some story roadmap, and occasionally available as event rewards, 6* gear is available in events.

It’s just going to take a while. That’s how the game works: unless you spend, everything takes time. It rewards consistent grinding, so you almost always have something to do.


Can I grind for Erika ? Where ?

You didn’t ask for specific toons (only gear and medals), but yes, you can. There’s scavenger missions that award gold sometimes if you fulfill the secret requirements, and sometimes gold is available from the daily missions (plus some non-repeatable sources). Also, there’s 90 ‘free’ gold every day if you watch ads. You can save these for when Erika is the promo character. In the long run, you will be guaranteed to get an Erika this way (although in practice the run may not be long enough).

[edited to add] Since people didn’t seem to get it, the “guaranteed” means “after grinding for possibly millions of years”. I had a reference to the heat death of the universe in there early on, but thought I’d make it more subtle…

Yes, in the long run (i.e. assuming you do this forever). In practice, as I already said, the run may not be long enough, as the universe may die a heat death in 10^100 years or so, and both you and the game might not quite be around for that long.

I guess I’ll find myself another game then, 105 coins a day at best is something that I will not find entertaining at any moment of my life. Thank you for trying to encourage me though! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Sure, you know yourself best. But let me tell you that it’s perfectly possible to play this game without pulling from the premier wheel, and the gold you get daily is plenty enough for other things. Part of the fun in these types of games, if they work well, is figuring out the best way to do things with the resources you have available, and seeing these resources grow over weeks and months.

But not everything is for everyone; plenty games to go around.

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I usually use gold to speed trainings and buildings up.

If I was you I would start saving for refills.

Reward is a strong word. Constant grinding is boring.

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Maybe it is, but this type of game is about grinding. I’d assume that people who don’t like grinding do what Redrum does.


The game is more about “gimme your cash” than anything else. Just finished grinding my way to 4200 on auto. Could not be more boring.

You know what they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

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You’re about 12 hours early for 4200. Too much auto lol

This should be their motto. Nothing in this game is ever straight forward. I’m surprised with as much as Scopely loves RNG that they never did it with the coin offers. Like $99 you have a chance at a bag with 8500 coins, one with 3250 coins, one with 450 coins, and the most gotten this way 70 coins.

I just wanted it done. 8 of the 12 were gonna be for sleep and I have things to do today. I really only wasted two cans. The fact that we need to burn like 25 to get to 4200 is a load of bs to begin with. Only did it for the necklaces.

Yeh similar. I finished with a few hours to go and slept. Boring AF hitting the same 8 teams for 3 hours.

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