Why Shiva's on the naughty list

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the town,
The Savior’s were searching,
For our heroes up and town.

Their guns were loaded,
And their knives were keen;
Ready to play,
If Rick should be seen.

Negan was stomping,
And calling out loud;
“C’mon out you pussies,
Lucille wants you found.”

Just then a grate opened,
And out our friends came;
They rushed out weapons drawn,
I’ll tell you by name.

First it was Rick,
His Python was barking;
Then came Michonne,
Her katans was arcing.

Next it was Carl,
An AK was blasting;
Then rose Ole Daryl,
With his crossbow so dashing.

The armies faced off,
The good and the bad;
Very soon loved ones,
Would be crying so sad.

But just as the blood,
Was about to be spilt;
The whole area lit up,
And all felt strange guilt.

For suddenly before them,
Stood a man all in red;
Leaning on a sled,
A hat cocked on his head.

Negan looked around,
And Rick did too;
You could tell neither of them,
Had a clue what to do.

The silence was broken,
When Santa chimed in;
"What’s a matter with you all,
Suddenly you give in?

Even in this world,
I watch all the time;
I decided at last,
It was time for this rhyme.

I get you hate each other,
That much is clear;
In the world,
Much is done out of fear.

All other days,
You may kill or may die;
But not this night,
I refuse to sit by."

Santa snapped his finger,
And their weapons were gone;
And the air was full,
Of an old Christmas song.

And the hatred they felt,
Which drove them to kill;
Was replaced just a moment,
With joy and good will.

A table apoesred,
Full of gifts and much food;
Exactly where earlier,
Two armies had stood.

They ate and they talked,
Only joy to be found;
And off to the side,
Even Shva could bound.

Santa kept the peace that night,
No heroes or their foes died;
However, when Santa tried to leave,
He discovered he shouldn’t have left his sleigh on the side.

For as he stepped on,
Ready to depart;
He saw sweet Shiva,
Having a meal of reindeer heart.

All eight of them gone,
Her belly was full;
And Santa just stood there,
Lost in a lull.

Santa looked around,
And saw an army truck;
He walked off, climbed in it,
Tossing his bag in the back.

Santa snapped his fingers,
And the truck started to fly;
It flew over the gate,
And Santa waved bye bye.

Before he left them,
He shared this solemn news;
“Next year y’all are on your own,
I’m going on a cruise.”


Lameeeeeeeeee af!

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Gg mate,G I T G U D (Why is that censored?).

That was great. Thanks for sharing