Why scopley why!


Why in the world is it 2 parts now?


Talking about war fyi lol


thank you for clarifying, because you made no sense before.


Double the rewards (meaning double rewards for the both of them, not original war).


Bc fu, thats why!!

Lol this isnt directly addressed to you. It was my first thought on 2 part War.


Lmao! Double the rewards? Having double the trash is worse than having very little amount of value.
I rather have 1 oz of gold than 10 oz of silver (only and example, old the real life monetary value of gold and silver)


Double the rewards, not milestones. All they need to do is put GPS and Canteens back in and the 100k milestone and I doubt many would be complaining.


Idk about you, but I benefit with the double anniversary tokens.


Same amount 1 normal war same as a split.


I prefer when there is no break between a war, but the rewards are better whem they are combined


Not from what I saw


Normal war for me: 40 tokens (2nd place). blitz normal war: 80 tokens (2nd place each time). Normal CRW for me: 20 tokens. Blitz CRW for me: 40 tokens


Can’t do 100k, with split nonsense active groups would never get even distribution. Anniversary tokens are cool but can’t say pulling trips and dupes are that exciting anymore.


Would you rather have 5 star tokens?


Or coins and let me take my chance with premiere pulls.


Exactly why I said they should just add back GPS and Canteens. They won’t give out coins in a war so no point in even mentioning it.


No my reply is in response to the split part. Up the milestones give canteens and gps, stop cutting down everyones time to war and let people just play. Can still give anniversary tokens in the same amount for a combined event, its still time invested.


It’s the same amount of tokens. Timber lucky tokens was 100 for first for a war. Now we get 100 anniversary tokens, 50 at a time. Same exact amount of tokens


If they were to give out the same amount of tokens for a normal war, that would be fine. Gives me more time to reach my milestones.


Never saw 100 tokens 1st place on a regular war. Maybe lucky tokens but never saw it on anniversary.