Why scopely really want to force level up so the main event of this game instead of war


the result fails, war remains the best event of this game






yawn at war nowadays.

Competiting for my 40th-45th ulyses is my idea of mad fun!


They aren’t and levelups are clearly not the main event. Levelups are frequent because they don’t take a lot of time (for players and Scopely), encourage something that the majority of players want to do anyway, namely level there toon, and therefore makes a good filler event to hand out 5* tokens and other rewards. War requires a huge time commitment not just from one player, but also requires it from the faction and the region(s) involved in that war. Players need to want to play wars, and for that having them every 2-3 weeks seems like a good number.


Just get a few points and don’t worry about them like I do free rewards basicly :slight_smile:


Lvl up are deadly boring. They also come up with a frequency that makes it impossible to get the ressources needed to hit the (in my opinion too high) milestones. A Blitzwar midweeks would be the greater fun for me, too.


I literally just level 1 1* once, and sit back and relax xD


I prefer one entire week without any tournament rather than level up every time.
But I don’t understand why there’s so many level up, no one buys trainers crates, people uses tapjoy coins to speed up scavenger missions and training grounds. War is a bigger source of income.


I need level UPS I need any opportunity to get gear sometimes I reach Milestones of greatness and sometimes not but there’s enough level UPS now that there’s no need to level up without shooting for some kind of reward just leveling a character just to level is a waste of time