Why Scopely is so bad with me?


Hello guys, i play this game since 3 years, i’m playing a lot and participate to every évent. I need a single shield since the start of 6☆. I tried monday 50 pull from the new Kal and i hot Michonne Winter (From christmas 2017😥)… Well its ok ! I try to pull magna, 60 times ! And Jésus 5☆. Well, 100 pull for an old 6☆. THANKS SCOPELY FOR UR PROMOS.


i pulled yesterday and got 70 4*s in a row, no 5s is said pull because i had got one the day before.


No worries mate, Scopely is bestowing a new shield upon all ye poor luckless souls! Rejoice, friend, for all your pulls were for nothing and you’ll have to make do with f2p material.




A shield that you have to pay to the scopley monthly club to be able to fully level the character. I bet shortly after this they come out with 7 star toons, making the free 6 star shield irrelevant. THAT would be par for scopley’s typical performance.


I want my money back


Good luck on getting your money back. Not gonna happen.


This is bs no game should be this hard to pull a character, I’l probably be leaving near the end of the year after reading about the survival club


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