Why Scopely don't do anything for vk cheaters


We all know about VK and their sellers. they are selling legendary toons and gears ,liliths,special weapons crafting etc.

** Scopely can’t do anything for VK because its a social network,scopely is very small against VK.**

but scopely can ban buyers right? if any EN region player/user’s account— someone access it with “RUSSIAN IP address” or 100+ users shows the same IP address? what that mean? scopely can’t even trace them???

scopely developers if you cant do it shame on you.


So they even get prestige with it? Damn


I like how the 10 Ulysses deal has the wrong trainer photo. :crazy_face:


sadly yes, they are selling coins with prestige points.


They have sophisticated their means. At this point in time, I’m used to all kind of players. Exploiters, cheaters, hackers, and so on. If Scopely was to be very strict about their policies, there wouldn’t be enough players on this game to fill a single region.

Those above mentioned players, drive the spending. Without them, things would be even more stale and the big whales would have been long gone to the next game.

Without those players whales wouldn’t have to rush to pull for every new character or buy the next mod box promo/offer. As it is whales and p2p alike, already trump f2p. I know some people who don’t even need to play actively on war to win, by that I mean that they can auto through 95% - 98% of the teams out there. Only the above mentioned players and the hackers can offer challenge and make the spending worthwhile.


you mean scopely know about it allow players to buy from VK? and looks like you buy every items from VK? and VK buyers driver spending and traffic in game then scopely should talk about it openly and encourage players to buy from VK and never ban who purchase from vk?


I’ve talked about it quite some times now. Scopely and their investors are worried about profits. As long as the cash keeps flowing they aren’t worried about it.

People who hack/cheat are more often than not small/casual spenders or “f2p”. Big whales still drive the cash to Scopely’s pockets.

If they ban those hackers, there won’t be many impact in the grand scheme of things. It’s not that they encourage, because they don’t. It says right there on their ToS. They simply don’t care, plain and simple.

They can still pull things like the RTS tokens to get money from little spenders and boost their profits. So, why should they care?

People only point out VK because many are guilty of exploiting the game one way or another (which is also a bannable offense according to the ToS). Yes, the airplane mode thing is also ban worthy. And yet there’s radio silence about it.

So, as I said if they were 100% strict about their ToS, more than half of the player base would be gone and the game would have died long ago.

I myself never felt the need to cheat, but I don’t blame those who went to VK to buy stuff from them. I don’t agree because of my standards but I understand why they do it. Many are players tired of getting screwed by Scopely time after time. They just want their money’s worth.

Scopely officially has the power to put VK and other hackers out of business. If they offer the same thing as the hackers for a reasonable price, people would pounce on it.

But Scopely prefers to continue to apply the same dirty tactics over and over.


You all obviously don’t play in Newberry I seen 20+ or so get banned


We all should by using this site and not spend a dollar with scopely


All new regions fight hackers for 3 months… fact… scopely WILL ban them… they are just slow to do so. So it may seem they dont get banned cuz 3 months seems like forever… but rest assured they will catch up to your reports in gc annd do an account check up on them and give em the boot… seen it many times over in the new regions I have started in over the years…

Scopely is just slow with hackers… 3months and boom they will be gone… happens every time


Some got banned in the 1st week or 2 not 3 months haha


So many top players in Dillon region leaderboard who are prestige 7 or below. Seems legit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Scopely actually do ban all those people at some point. Helps a ton when you know that they are cheating so scopely can gauge their ban hammer on them more quickly. Its not a perfect process and its no secret that scopely priorities are misaligned when it comes to all aspects of this game but eventually Scopely does get to them. All you can do is if you see em report them SS them and bring it attention here.


Girl on our region got her 13p account banned, now she’s ruling with 7p account, what’s the difference lol
It’s been a year since her first account got banned, I believe she’s 10p already


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