Why scopely don't build disarm resist mods?



We need disarm resist mods. Is a big difference to defend against teams who have disarm toon. So please fix this.


Don’t think we need a disarm resist…


This will probably come out in a future improvement/expansion to mods. Likely within 24 hours of Scopely making disarm available to ftp players.


God no. What a bad idea.


Why no? You like easy wins???


I only own 1 disarm toon that I don’t even use and I still think it’s a bad idea


So why bad idea? Everyone must have a choice


Maybe they should make an ‘anti complain’ mod… You know you can use only 2 resist mods on a toon, right?


Because disarm is a specialist skill. I don’t think there are any mods that disable specialist skills.


P2p have a big advantage against f2p with this skill


Not really. Carry good characters.


Might I add, disarm is nothing compared to what they have been releasing recently.


Lol… :slight_smile:


you don’t want that lol, if a disarm resist mod came, an op toon would come out the next day that disarms all with an ar rush at 66


Impair resist stops neutralizer


Though it’s not exactly intended just for neutralize.


So there is already a mod that stop specialist skill!


But not one MEANT to stop a specific one. Disarm is only a specialist skill, impair is a specialist skill and ar/active skill.


I always figured it’s because toons don’t get disarmed, weapons suffer the disarm effect and there are no mods for weapons.


Yeah we need ages for build a red stun weapon and disarm make it useless