Why Scope and support give a f-word to us?

Hey Scopely why do you and your support team give a f-word to the players? I contact your support ingame and ask about “Jonesgate” and you support say that the didn’t know anything. Really?
After my answer of this (Screenshots are available in german) your support delete the conversation.
After notice it, I ask again and confronted your team with “Jonesgate” and how unfair is! I get no answer but my conversion was deleted.
After notice that, I ask why you delete the questions and what a miracle, this message was also deleted!

So tell me and all other player why you give a f-word to us? Why you can’t say that you have make such a big mistake and make the game unfair for people who can’t make the map. I was at stage 6 and the gearmap was removed and didn’t came back.
There where no compensation, no gearmap to finish or anything else just deleting messages.

I think you will delete this to but I make screenshots and post it again and again until I get a good answer, why you kidding us!!!


I understand why people are mad at jonesgate. But why is it still such a hot topic now? Scopely has already basically said they’re doing nothing about it. You benefitted? Great! You didnt? Tough luck. That’s how scopely goes.

Because we’re not letting this one go. It was the worst handled of all the gates this year. Certainly not the worst one overall, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

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Fair enough. If something changes great. I’m not holding my breath for it though

It’s not only about Jonesgate. It’s more about deleting support questions, don’t give answers, and all other gates they create


It’s not the worst handled gate… Halloween tokens conversion was the worst!
I got my Mr. Jones, yeah… but he’s still tier 1, level 1.

No one is expecting it, I think, at this point. But sometimes, effectiveness is not the main concern.

@Bogdan: Halloween tokens was the stupidest. But they did at least release official communications about this, and (attempt to? succeed to?) take the unspent coins away. It’s not much, but it’s something. Jonesgate was radio silence. Mine is moving to Tier 2 btw, would kind of like to ascend him during the Thanksgiving event, because who knows when they run the next ascension missions.

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Scopely actually haven’t said anything… and they can rectify the leafgate issue so it shows they can rectify issues but not Jonesgate or halloweencoingate? When you applied a remedy to a error that you made, you can’t pick and chose to which error a remedy is applied to

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That’s how scopely does it. I doubt theyll change until we make them change. But the chances of getting everyone to stop spending and send a message are nill

exploiting is bad and is promoted which shouldn’t be the case at all and the compensation should always be better than the exploit amount and the people who didn’t should get that

But it doesn’t make it right, when we make statements like that it’s already admitting defeat.

It’s wrong fullstop, lets not give them any outs by saying well but it’s scopely

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I was mainly speaking in terms of “usefulness” of the gate, and not about their communication or lack of it… I would trade my milkman for a 40 pull of those wheels ANYTIME! I’ll even ascend and max him before. :smiley:

I never said it was right. But unless we could convince all spending to cease, then they get away with this.

I’ll probably always take the guaranteed reward over a random one. Plus, confounding with double attack is pretty sweet, and a lot of people should have +35 crit, huge ap, double attack already for Douglas and/or Earl. And don’t forget the max mods and 1000 collectibles.

But I’m not so much concerned with usefulness. All scandals are 90% coverup, and this one is as well. This needs to be the first thing.

@WakeUp exactly!

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