Why put out constant level ups

When there’s no way to farm for survivors?I know I could just train them in the training camps but there should be more ways to gain survivors and not just the survivors map on Thursdays either. Scopley please put out an awesome daily map to farm survivors ranging from 2*-3*s make it daily like the gear map.

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You can get about a dozen survivors on the very last stage. Thankfully, Talbot is sleeping and I’m climbing the ranks like a ladder: easily. Plus, YGL is slowing up on a daily basis so I never miss it. Couple of epics on a mission and I can rest easy.

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I’ll try that’s but I don’t get ygl on a daily.

No you mean characters?

Characters are 1★, 2★ etc. Survivors are what you use to train characters.

To be honest, if you don’t have the resources to go for every level up, don’t go for every level up. It’s not hard to skip a tournament or two.


Up to 30+ survivors.

I think it’s not unreasonable to have the level ups. I’ll constantly put up my 750k to get my t3 gear back. Would miss it if it weren’t for the Level ups.

However I’m completely with you on the survivor issue. Been farming the sh.t out the elite road map today to be able to use the free for farming survivors throughout the week.

Players first, that’s why!

Amazingly, this might be the first or second SLUT where I scored so damn high and got the legendary goodies.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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More lvl ups = more gear used
Ran out of gear ? Well you can always buy some gear offers or farm gear in that gear roadmap …oh right you can’t farm it anymore so you can always wait weeks to get the right amount of gear or just buy some offers
So basically to make players buy things that we used to get for free
Nice job scammely

lol he said SLUT! (Solo Level Up Tournament), never noticed that until you said it! HAHA