Why post War rewards on forums in advance to ultimately change them

You get player’s excited about competing in war and then, you go back on what you posted.

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this is the same as las time they had GPS and Canteens in war… Seems as though she copied and pasted from last time?


Yeah this was super disappointing. I hate competing with 8 regions for these prizes. If they keep throwing 8 regions at us they should be making the prizes way better. CRW wars are only benefiting 7 of the top factions in every region. Which means if you’re a faction that usually gets second or third in your region you’re going to be fighting to stay in the top 25. And if the prizes for the top 25 aren’t as good as the prizes for the top 3 in a region war then it takes the appeal out of the CRW wars. No one wants to fight for crappy prizes.


We’re in top 3 so it doesnt affect me, BUT lying blatantly like that, giving weaker factions hope that they can get the gear to T4 a 6* from war and then taking that away, is pretty lame.


Definitely would like to hear what happened and why it’s different than what is stated. I get that it is subject to change but it has not changed and war is about to be over.

All she is going to say if she does say anything is.
“Everything is subject to change before the event is rolled out.” Typical saved the company’s bullshit.

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Another case of Kalishane ignoring/deleting issues… Sadly…

This happened during last CRW so it’s hardly like some thing changed last minute. Another great example of Scopley’s left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing

Shane stated in another thread (that may or may not still exist) that she cut and paste the rewards from last time. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

Consistency isn’t always a good thing :frowning:

It’s a little thing in the T.O.A. That says rewards are subject to change prior to an event and that such notifications leading up to an event or at the start of an event are subject to change as well.


However, we all know nothing changed, Kalishane was just fed shitty intel.

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