Why play the game if playing the game restricts you

As of this moment, there has been no clarity on the 6* and S-Class Priya velvet cake promotion

Hopefully it is resolved fairly for ALL players who have her as a 6* Maxed and as an S Class

I have 1 account with an S-class on it and another with the maxed 6* and 5*.

But moving forward what does this promote?

I have 2 Raulitos (1 maxed other tier3) then to collect 4k more shells … but do i promote to an S-class thinking in the back of my head i could be forfeiting 1,100 or possibly 4,400 s-class collectable items towards the next one … and will that one suffer the same fate.

Please could you guys provide your community with the answer to this as it spreads doubt and confusion along with a pinch of anger from the players.
(also the trolls come out from under their bridge to anger players even more so lol)


Clarity would be awesome. Since you are merging a bunch of threads right now @GR.Scopely how about an answer?

Clarity is the exact opposite of the meat and potatoes of their business model

Confusion, panic, & pushing people beyond their comfort zone

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I’m hoping to get the conversation going today. At the very least, they need a separate collection for the S class version as I don’t think they could manipulate the current one with the 6*.

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nah… They need a hide button…

Scopely offices don’t open for a few hours. I get that this whole thing is annoying, but just as annoying is everyone on these forums always demanding answers over the weekend. They’re going to answer the question. Grant you, it’s probably not going to be an answer that makes everyone happy (when does it ever?), but there’s going to be at least some form of acknowledgement later. As for the merging of threads, that’s something the CMS on here can do without having to go to “corporate”. They wouldn’t be able to answer something like this on their own.

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In all fairness though, they have a game thats built around one event (WAR) thats generally and mainly placed during the weekend.

the other thing is that they do have people on during weekend as whenever problems that benefit players over monetary gain to them it gets quickly corrected. so there;s that

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