Why play multiple regions, if your not going to give rewards?


I play over 13 regions, mostly to farm gold coin. With the release of leages, i played those regions more than normal for the gold coin rewards. But in true Scolpay fashion, they limit you to you highest region for a 1 time collection of coin. Could have saved us some time you shady programers and put up a disclaimer.


think how OP it would be to get 1200 coins x 13 for free


For the same reason you don’t get coins in multiple regions for increasing Player XP or completing World Stages…You should know this by now coin farmer :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can’t remember where I read it specifically, but I knew they were only rewarding coins for one region. It was here somewhere. Lol


Because of coin farmers like you. You openly admit that you play 13 regions to coin farm. Why would that want to make it easier for coin farmers?


Never had any issue with getting coin in exp lvling or scav missions. Not sure where ur info comes from.


Never seen that. But thanks.


I play 2 and thought they had finally understood that our time was valuable enough for a few coins and the game was getting better with rewards… Silly me. Had I not donated so much $ I could walk away like others. How about a free key for compensation, since that was what most people would probably do with the coins…no happening i know.


You will not get coins per region for increasing increasing player XP levels. Scavs are different…


Horrible your game does that for you. Not mine. You can spout all u want, I just lvled in beta yesterday with coin, and 3 days ago in Butts. The “fair play” system is not the same for all. Beta, scavs, lvling, daily missions and 30day pass on multiple regions feed my gold needs daily. Open dialog and opinions are welcome tho


I been raided in 6 regions was planning on a few thousand coins and oh boy was I disappointed when I woke up this morning :pensive:


I genuinely can’t believe people thought they would be able to farm X amount of regions for 1000+ coins per time.

When Scopely found out we were farming 20 coins a time from Where Theres Smoke they put an instant stop to it :rofl:





For this very reason. if you average 500 coins, per account each week for 8 weeks, that is 52,000 coins. Which is roughly 500 dollars they don’t want you to get for free. This is the same reason they shut down the Scavenger Camp coin farming.


Scopley: Have 1,200 free coins in return for some modest levels of raiding

Player base: Fuck your generosity Scopley give us more


Lol. @Kanaima, I must say your comment made me giggle.

This all seems silly.


How badly did they stop it? I’ve been making bank recently.


There were some people who were gaining 8,250 plus a week, so roughly 33,000 coins a month


Officially, they removed the 20 coin reward from Where There’s Smoke which was obtainable at low level and could be run over and over and over again. At the right prestige level, the only limit was your patience and the number of hours in the day

Unofficially I am fairly certain there was a stealth nerf to other coin missions