Why pay $$$ for a character, infinely better than any reward you can ever earn with that purchase?


A spicy, but not irrelevant question.

I get “f2p” games and how you can spend $ to count for time others have more to invest… its the foundation of f2p.

But the devs of this game have their heads so far up their arses that they are selling a product, whose only purpose its to improve your performance in a game mode, whose only rewards are completely irrelevant to anyone making a purchase.

I don’t get it… whats going on here? Can anyone explain it to me?



This comment might be even better :slight_smile:


To be honest, my favorite comment on that thread might be this one:

It makes me so mad when people defend microtransactions by saying they’re optional. They’re not: every player pays for them, one way or another. Either they spend the money, or they get an experience that is intentionally unrewarding.


Isn’t unrewarding subjective? I have low expectations of the game, and I look at rewards being free for little effort. (For most tournaments).


They’re not talking about event rewards. They’re talking about the experience itself.


I agree this game is underwhelming for sure


Should have clarified a little, I was trying to answer both you(experience) and the OP(money for rewards) with the same sentence.

In a sense, players spend because on micro-transactions because they think that the purchase would improve their experience with the game. As OP points out, there’s often no point spending in events that give you rewards that are easily worse than what you can straight up buy with cash. It is ultimately the player’s decision if they want to spend on events over straight up buying the character because they have that information at hand.

In the regards of having a crappy experience, it ultimately boils down to how the micro-transaction is implemented, as well as each individual’s subjective feelings towards it. For me, I never spend on micro-transactions. I’ve seen bad implementations of it(Walking Dead RTS, Honorbound, Maplestory), and I’ve seen good implementations of it(Halo 5, Fortnite, Dragonnest). In general, it does ruin a player’s experience if it’s not implemented well, but it is still optional at the end of the day.


That in itself is really the problem with the player base of this game. Scopely can put out a hot steaming pile of shit as the top prize for an event and there will still be players fighting for it like it’s feeding time at the zoo.

It’s been what, well over a year and we’d think that we’d have learned by now not to bend over for rewards not worth spending or breaking our banks for.


Yes, for the player who pays, there is a very small chance of getting what they want and are poorer for it. For the people who don’t, the guys who make the game don’t cater much to these guys and either make them do lots for similar rewards or give them scraps. Either way, both groups suffer.


This is genuinely the best thread in the last year. I hope the discussion continues.


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