Why only 1 aniversary token today


Every other day it’s bin 4 but today it was only 1 why is that @JB.Scopely


Its a new month and it isnt Anniversary tokens, theyre different tokens


The 4 anniversary tokens were the September log in reward. It is now October. New log in rewards. That wasn’t an anniversary token. It’s a token for a stash.


Awww ok I didn’t see that new stash my fault


There is a free Gator tied to it. The stash is meant as a way to get all the gear to level up and ascend Gator


But what a shitty stash compaired to the aniversary tokens the month before I mean come on scopely u can’t even give us 300 gold metals


Theres 150 gold medals, plus whatever the completion bonus is, so maybe itll be enough lol. Also, i wouldnt say no to some free gear.


They are tho. Stash completion rewards


I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt this time and figure the stash completion bonus is the missing 150 gold medals.


The stash contains everything needed to level up gator.


There is zero 6* gear in there so no there isn’t everything to lvl gator


And 90% of the gear in the people are going to sell for food to level up other toons that aren’t gator he is a waste


It’s all the gear to level up Gator so you can ascend him lmao


Lackluster event after September event that’s for sure. Gator? Can’t even be one of the new f2p ascendables.


Gator is actually a very good toon for SR. Pair him up with Zeke and make the walker stages a breeze.

Well, it’s basically all the gear to get him to a 6-star. I don’t see any Liliths, Ulysses, or knife sheaths in there. Now that would have been a great stash as opposed to a decent stash. At least it’s all free.


It’s already easy sr dr.Stevens is better option my yellow walker team they don’t get that closes


Anyone that waste medals on obsolete toon is a idiot


That’s literally what I just said lmao


He’s useful if people dont have a Large drop lead… I don’t have Kenny so have been using Rosa like, forever.


Only needed 20 more :confused: