Why not remove 5* from league store


We get plenty with 5* tokens, why taking spots on league store and spend valuable league tokens on them while we can get more ascendables or even a couple 6*, I’ll let you think about it

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Because they are a source of 5* characters that lower level players and newbies rely on to increase their strength. Just because it doesn’t help you, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Scopely have just removed an ascendable from the store for this season, and the normal five stars have nothing to do with it, so you’d just be asking for a two-toon store now, as they appear to have no interest in giving F2P anymore ascendables, lets not ask to lose anymore from the store, because then some of the F2P will start their bitching about lack of toons again. And i really dont want to hear anymore of that; personally.


Just shut down the league store completely who cares dude


Why not the game completely and we go play coc or other games I personally get less disappointed playing that game

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Yeah shut down the game idc

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Then why are you still here? lol


Bc I do what I want

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I am a old player and colleting 5* is good for me, even if they didn’t have a collection on the museum. Take in mind that at some point it will be ascendible and some of them could be usefull like the guardian rick.