Why not let nuggets drop from raids and roadmaps?

Why not make this event worthy and fair game? Please do not limit these nuggets to events only. 9t would be really nice to have a farm able road map and,raid drops, and events with not just the Nuggets as rewards but the milestones? The Lucille token event was a fail after not including it in events continuously and basically forgotten about it half way thru. The wheel pulls weren’t great either. So let’s maybe redeem that event with making this one fun and exciting. Making us want to get on and participate. Increase moral.

Because they wont gain as much money,
People will do really well off of it.

Like the red plastic pieces event…they soon put a stop to that.


Because those nuggets will be in the store at some point, that’s why.

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Because… I can’t think of a reason actually…other then they want that sweet sweet disappointment energy.

Becau$e there’$ not profit for $copely

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Yes that’s not started yet…they could have opened this event with drops in Sr or from roadmaps, farming just to name obvious. People would spend for drops they however won’t spend when they know they can’t compete for 1st prize. They will use free energy and complete the map.

because this is $copely !!

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Sorry, but you’ve used logic and reasoning behind this thread. This thread shall be closed in 20 min.

I presume this event os supposed to be fairly exclusive. Some people will get a 6 star, most will get some gear. I imagine the Christmas event will be more balanced