Why not give us ascendables that would be useful in the new meta?


Here are my thoughts. Feel free to add to if I’ve left anyone out, but I think 6* versions of these would definitely make the gameplay experience for us lifers a whole lot better with the ever changing powerhouse teams week after week.

  1. SR Zeke - Even if he went to 56 ap, a f2p defense and attack buff would do wonders against these super tanky/heavy hitting premieres. Couple that with his lead skill and H.O.T, he’s my overall top choice for ascension.

  2. Kate- Hell, she’s still used by many on attack teams AS A 5*, so same story as Zeke. Tweak her AR, maybe give her an absolute defense built in weapon as a 6* and she’d be good to go.

  3. Christa- her 5* version was completely useless. Her rush took weeks to pop off, and by far was one of the worst toons in the 5* era. Her 6* version should be 76 or hell, even 85ap but would remain AOE stun to all for 2 turns. Maybe an AS t1 stun to 2 with 8 turn recharge would be fitting.

  4. Larry- I ran him on my 5* teams back in the day because of his adjacent rush + attack down debuff and he was by far one of my favorites because of that.

  5. Victor- for god’s sakes, his defense down AOE was an important factor of t1 teams back then. Not to mention his rainbow lead skill.

I’m sure there’s plenty more I could name, but these are just my top 5. Mostly needed more than ever now, they would all benefit attack teams for both f2p and maybe even some p2p. Feel free to disagree with anything I’ve said, I have the day off and I’m bored af


There’s also this Ezekiel


I guess I haven’t thought about him because the 1st time I ever pulled him was after 6* came out believe it or not. But those buffs actually kick some ass. Good call

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But they’ll just give you more shitty defensive type toons with most of the OG’s that are left. I for one would want some options to make viable attack teams

I have neither, and already know how bad they are. I’m saying that as these S Class toons get rolled out quicker and quicker, the players are going to need some toons that can actually get them points in war. The ones I’ve named are who I would think could do that easily. And yeah I know for those that will say “but my camp will be burned after my 1 attack”. P2P teams will beat you no matter what. But scoring 420 is way better than 100

Whisperer War Heath too - 85% Attack and defence buff for 4 turns plus command? He was beast mode. I’ve seen people in high placing CRW teams using him behind a shield even now.

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Definitely agree, even if they watered his buffs down at 60 a piece he’d still be one of the better melee commands out there

I’d say one would need to give something to differentiate him from, say, Command Glenn, otherwise you may as well just slap G2 stats on Command Glenn…either give him a better pure buff but no confuse, or maybe slip in something fairly rare on legacies like a more than single target focus.

I mean, if they can power buff Jessie to 200 defense boost, then I don’t see why they couldn’t leave a measly 85% haha

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Lol wasnt me. I actually like to hear what people think

We need a S class Steven Crowder
Trait: Blue
Leader skill: doesn’t need one
Socialist Skill: FireStarter
ar: deal 900 burn damage up to 3 enemies and deal 3 attacks of 200 damage to one enemy: if that enemy worked for vox,tyt or now this that character will be defeated. 66 ap cost
Weapon: Stevens Angry AK 15: 30% attack, medium bonus to ap when attack. Cause decap when killing an enemy

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Not gonna lie, I had to Google it. But sadly I dont think canadians exist any longer in TWD universe

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Bummer. So no Lauren Southern, Faith, And the rest of Rebel News. At least we still have Gary Busey. He will know what to know

Hey Hades!

Not sure that the buffs would help a lot, but I could see them release someone like that. If not, probably because they would be too similar to Glenn.

Don’t think they would go for AOE def down like Victor, or AOE large damage - all the recent characters have been single hitters, or multi-attackers, and they introduced Payback to specifically neuter this strategy. I think they want battles to be longer again.

To be honest even a single target def. down, or an updated Jeremiah (who isn’t actually available FTP, staggeringly enough, though he has been a prize a few times) who hits two or three targets would be good.

Regardless if they do or not, the players are needing something decent to use on attack. My original post was just to shed some light on some toons that I thought could compete with the S Class, high stat toons (that you know will flood out in a matter of no time), if they were made 6*

I’ll still put my trust in Fast Shiva. Keep stackin that bleed, and eventually they will go down.

@Enki Well, there’s always Harlan’s active, lol… And Wanderer against red/green. Jeremiah also still works of course (and he was F2P grindable in the levelup collection in January) What update would you have in mind?

And then get revived with no bleed which to me has always been silly. Should not wake up more powerful after you die.

Some many good ones… here’s two more:

Neutralize Blue Carl- can be the f2p version of Zachary with his minus 20 ap Rush

Alert Glenn- amazing leader. Lead skill, hitter, healer and defense down all rolled into one.

Don’t let them revive then. Shiva does the damage, the rest of the team keeps the revivers busy.

ETA: Half the revivers also do bonus hp instead of regular healing, so even if a revive goes off it’s not necessarily over.