Why not 8v8 Instead of 6v6?

6v6 is dumb, 8v8 was announced, why didn’t we get that?


Getting a spot is a headache, then it’s constant energy waste, burning cans for one attack

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Energy from cans should carry over to next war

I take it you’re part of a whale faction?

Idk, whale is a broad definition. F me sideways buy the $10 offer once and be called a whale forever

The 6v6 and 8v8 split doesn’t occur until the split in 1a and 1b-3b happens which is after next transfer

6v6 is because pur factions are dying because people are uninstalling, we can’t even fill 6 players at this moment, it’s pretty Sad.

Maybe time for a merger or a change of scenery. Right now half the faction can’t war not because we can’t queue because it’s only 6vs6

That’s main issue, I spend more time waiting for a spot, then 2 secs while new list loads, it’s full. It’s the worse, I don’t have the patience to do it all day

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Having a schedule for war solves all these issues like fighting for a spot :man_shrugging:

This means to be a game, it’s not a job why should I have to click on

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It’s just organization. Everyone plays the times they choose to play, solves the issue of fighting for a spot

That will change once you get into CoW qualification. This is just one war that is accommodating everyone since the 1a and 1b hasn’t happened yet.

If you did 6v6 and 8v8 in some regions now how would that be fair to all that eventually want to go into CoW? Unless you made all move this transfer which they didn’t :blush:

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Open ended match making would be cool, want to roll 4 v 4 or 10 v 10, just load up queue and when it’s full hit search.

Searching on the other hand will take way longer to find another faction with same criteria, it would be something I’d like to at least try out.

We have had a few wars where people who require sleep will log off but sign up to be a placeholder, if there is no back fill then the queue stalls and the ones that are ready are stuck waiting.

If there is 5 in queue and all are ready to search, let them search and find another 5 man faction to duke it out with.

Never happen, random thought… logistics nightmare.

They are forcing the active factions to go to the 1A regions… which sucks if u are f2p because that’s where are the whales are.

Everything in this game is about choices :blush:

Yes they’re forcing factions to move, and it sucks when they don’t stay with their reasons they forced people to move, ppl moved for 8v8

when it was 8v8 a month ago or two months ago, some weekends we were waiting and waiting and waiting, now 6v6 we fill up so quick you blink because of the lag and you miss your spot.

a few instances I would be watching and waiting for a war to end, it would end, i would click on declare war to begin a new one, and it had already been done and was searching for a new match.

I used to wait till my late night when it used to get slower for us, keep it moving and easy joining, getting my points, now it’s no stop and lag doesn’t let me join even reserves, they’re spinning all day and I have ADHD so I’m not the best at waiting

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