Why no tickets for daily sr?


I was wondering why the choice is made that no tickets can be earned in daily sr. Seems weird to me.


Because they know daily Sr is pretty much dead…Most ppl just do it for good weapon parts. I’m glad about this choice because I don’t want to do it evey day.


It is weird and it would be a new incentive to do it for people who stop doing it. Getting max tickets on a normal day will already be impossible without scopely milking our gold for cans, we should get this possibility since it is still (so it seems) a feature of the game and a way to play it… This is completely stupid imo.


You’re not forced to do it. Your faction mates can and that still gives you easier access to assault.


I don’t think it was so much a “choice” as it is a byproduct of how the system works. Consuming energy = tickets. Daily Survival Road does NOT consume energy.

Not saying it should be that way. But the way it currently works does honestly make sense.

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I guess it would also create some sort of unfairness. Some players have made it to level 250+ by now.
I needed almost an hour to finish it in the end before it got so hard, I could barely win without recovering teams all the time.

I personally am glad, that regular SR is not included. At least as long as they do not provide an easy way to go down in levels pretty fast again.


381 and it’s perfectly fine and at least the challenge makes me feel I’m playing a game and not just farm all day


I think “perfectly fine” is a slight undersell… It can be quite possible to breeze through it using 0 medkits with the right stage structure - start off with a walker stage or 2, get some essential ARs charged and generally you’re in the clear. Start off with a single wave human stage and then get another directly after with completely different requirements? Not so much.

While 6* and their ability to bypass stage requirements have slightly opened up some of the previously more difficult ones, the stats of a human enemy after stage 300 still dwarf those of any T4L90, even after they got their buff. I had T3L80 “indomitable” Abe behind Tripp on an all red stage and he was meat paste by round 2 after getting dogpiled. So you can imagine what happens to a 6* on a stage where the enemy has a trait advantage. It’s like putting a 3* on your raid team. And the only way that (most) players have numerous 6* is if they ditched a lot of 5* to get them - 5* that would be much more use on SR than the 6* in question.

A lot of players who partook daily in SR pretty much gave up around the 270 mark because it became too much of a chore and there was no real incentive to continue. Until the mode gets an overhaul (like that’s gonna happen) I think it would be a mistake to have it count towards assault tokens, as it would essentially punish this group of players for being active.

Instead, I would prefer to see the token value for raids/roadmaps etc. adjusted upwards when tournaments aren’t running in order to compensate and to make the daily cap a bit more reachable.


That’s exactly what I feel about it. When I hit 260ish there were no 6* out yet. It required a lot of effort and planning to get through this, aswell as luck (the stage structure you mentioned).

6* have made it a tad easier again, but I have got my green 6* slaughtered on yellow human stages already. And to be honest, an hour of time investment every evening just didn’t feel right anymore. At first, stopping SR was hard, but it was a relief when I finally let it go.

Now the only thing that bothers me, is that I quite often don’t get the tape and pk when it’s up. While my lazy faction mates at lvl 100 just autoplay through the levels with their 6*.

So yes… “perfectly fine” is a bit off. At least for me.


I am around the 260 mark myself and stopped finishing. I still do 9 stages every day and have dropped some levels. I still like tickets for the 9 stages I do. That the design of sr is a fuck up is another issue then the high ticket price.


Hopefully it means they will remove the daily from the game or at the very least make it 1 day instead of 7 to do a level or even better have it reset every week\month. It was yet another thing they rush to put out that is a never-ending bore.


If everyone else would to it you somehow get forced to do it. 120 Tickets are no joke in comparison what you normally can get per day so many ppl would start again. Maybe not everyone but enough to think “I have to do it for the team”. Sr wasn’t meant to be that important, it was invented to be a can do not a must do. Giving Tickets in the daily Sr would destroy their original concept. So I still welcome that decision.


I meant that it’s perfectly fine as a challenge. Like I already said, at least, in SR I feel like I’m really playing a game a what I choose to do has some implications. YOu have to think about your team and not just go and smash everything. I love it.
Between level 250-300, it was indeed becoming harder but I was still able to do it without much 5* and using a lot of 4* that must have been underrated at the time.
Since level 380, it seems that it’s coming back to those stages for 6* classe 3 but it’s still fine and my medkits are still going up.


because SR is free, and $copley isn’t about giving stuff for free anymore.


World map is free too.