Why no secondary 6 star gear in museum event?


Why didn’t Scopely add other gears like tripod, gauntlet, dummy and knife to the museum collection as usual? How are we supposed to obtain them? So far only chance of getting them for free are elite item tokens (%0.5 chance), FA depot with overpriced price, and as rng tourney rewards. I hope Scopely is planning to add a gear map or something like that. Otherwise everyone will dry out very soon.

I was able to stock 30+ from each color but blue. Unfortunately I ran out of tripods. Only 4 remains due to ascending blue tons lately.


its simple. scopely want you to spend money for toons :slight_smile:


As a general rule I would say this is accurate, but in this case I think it’s just a smaller event over a shorter period of time so they’ve not included the gear that’s a little easier to come by & only gets picked up on other collections towards the event when you’ve stocked up on everything else.


It is not as long as the previous event. But 27 days is not short duration either. There should be another means to get those gears


Most people assumed Marlon and rosie would be the toon because of the dog leashes


Usually there are little to no ways to get the higher gear (aka tier 4 gear), but there are more ways to get practice dummies, knives, etc. At least it’s the higher tiered gear instead of just practice dummies, etc.


Did people really assume they would give us a free toon the likes of Marlon with this collection?


Most ppl got lot good toons from both pulls no need save for a sub tier 6 star when have lots good ons that you just pulled.


Excluding the other gear from this collection event is dumb especially when it requires 12 for each toon you want to max. Like everything else, they keep playing around with what gear to starve us on to see what might trigger extra spending.


No one thought that except him lol


I think because people would still complain about a new free museum character.


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