Why no new promo this week?

What gives? Not like Scopely to give up the opportunity to take our money?

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Obviously. I am in a state of cold turkey.

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They are waiting untill after the road warrior event to release a new specialist. Can’t be hit by a critical attack, rendering disarm less effective


I want Alice to show up. After seeing how much she helps dismantle melee teams I need her. I’m gonna single pull her with club pulls… I feel it


I heard it’s like one of those WWII Japanese soldiers they found in the 1970’s still guarding a Pacific island.

The company went tits up last August but Madge, tea lady / cleaner, was off sick that day and doesn’t actually know so has beeen holding the fort single handed ever since. Her sons JB & GR pop in from time to time, but she has gone to her Grandsons wedding this weekend.


Yhey ran out of ideas xD

Alice is a freaking monster. She made the game fun for me again

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They are re doing the wheel system according to jb. New wheels are coming out

Could you give some proof on that bold statement there :b:uko

Can’t we just have a month promo long of Alice? Think of the number of fails you guys will give us

Nah. You just gotta believe lol

You’re in luck…

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