Why negan was such a stupid move from scopley

Now when you find a team that won’t set negan off out side of war when you have a war with an attack tower for a certain color it can then set negan off. So then you have to come up with a completely different team to try and beat negan teams

While towers may cause some teams to set-up Payback, you’re also forgetting that not everyone mods/gears out their Negan the same.

Also, defense down teams work best against Negan, regardless of towers.

Thats completely Irrelevant the whole point is you find a team that doesn’t set him off out side of war and then when war starts the towers make him set it off and you have to find a completely different team and all that time you spent trying to find a team that works is useless even dueling is useless because it doesn’t include the towers

Kill negan straight out in 3 hits without AR is best way


Just use basic hits


Bleed works best for me

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Nah, it’s relevant.

His point is your team that “doesn’t set Negan off” might actually still set some Negans off, if they’re weaker or modded differently

Also, he offered a solid strategy for beating them

You should thank him


It may just be me but I’ve had 0 issues with negans once you learn how to deal with him. Maybe it’s my setup or just the teams I’ve faced with him in it.

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That’s the entire point of this game.

Better reason would be to say it’s a cheese, auto doesn’t recognize the stupidity of using a rush targeting him, yadda yada.

But instead your reason is that you have to design a new team when playing a strategy game?

Mind blown.


Rage erased post :rofl::rofl::flushed::rofl:

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Negan isn’t that bad…what’s bad is Zachary. His rush is way too overpowered. Hits all, maims, and drops ap…to top it off he has Hemmorage so if he crits…eventually someone dies.

Releasing stupidly OP toons at the beginning of Generation 2 toons…I think everyone at the company really must have been in Special Education classes. Clearly they make up things as the go along just for money and back pedal too much when they screw up.

Maybe, just maybe, if they were intelligent and gave 2 cents then this could be a much better game and they could make way more money. Instead they cater to people with huge wallets thinking that these digital goods are worth anything when…they aren’t. If their nonexistent goods were fairly priced then they would see a much higher return on overhead. Instead they charge $100 for 30 shot glasses. What ever drugs they do at work…I sure want some.


No issues with negan at all… faced few teams with him on. Not once given me any issues.
And no I’m no whale or big spender…
All down to set up of my team an opponents long as prepared to slog some fights out little longer

To be frank, Negan ain’t the issue. It’s the multiple Zacharys and Docs that make me shudder.


As far I understood, they couldnt fix everything so rel a OP toon that shifted meta. Easier approach.

Bleed, burn and never target Negan. Works best for me.


Not even doc and zach. Damn Raven is a pain for me lol

I think negan is way more trouble than zack. I can dog pile zack with my ars and its ggs for him. Def down on negan does work wonders tho

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