Why Melee teams are better than ranged team

Hi everyone
I post this message because i want to understand why mele team is better than ranger team in this game ? they arent any ranger char in TWD who is better in defense, Carl leader is 1000X better than Erika even if you have 3 Erika in your defense team with stun gun. Please help me to know when we will get more great defense ranger in is game. thank you

When $copely decides to release more p2p ranged toons.

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The Governor is f2p and smashes green toons. It’s a start.


Only Caveman would delimit themselves and go full range/melee.


It’s only mixed ranged teams that usually aren’t better than melee teams. Impair/stun teams aren’t as good as stun/AD. Full red with stun>mixed ranged with stun/impair.

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thank you for your reply I’m just tired to see mele team kill my ranger defense team everyone perfectly

I don’t know who this Mele team is, but no way they are beating my Rangers! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: thx

I dont think melee teams are better than ranged teams at all.


I completely disagree with thread. Range has an advantage in meta, mixes teams with Dante at lead are extremely tough.
Regardless of melee or ranged, weapons actually processing is what makes a difference imo


What advantage does range have? Human shields are only effective on melee setups right now, that’s a pretty big advantage for melee.

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thank you drip koa and Carl are extremly tough

Are we talking about players at the top middle or bottom of the spectrum?

Not even saying that like a dick, but at the top shields have little to no use.


All down to weapons now imo, some toons are stronger or hit harder than others but in general the quality of weapons is what decides the outcome in most battles.

Stun > AD > Impair > AP down

That’s a matter of opinion of course.

I generally run ranged & mainly alert but for all the criticism for recent strong 6* I wouldn’t be too happy to bump into a strong line up with Dante, Koa, Kal & Shiva with a Carl Lead.


Just swap carl and Erika’s ARs. Then everyone is happy, right? I know I would be :smiley:

Honestly melee is better than range only from a f2p standpoint, this is for multiple reasons.

  1. Carl is a better def lead than mirabelle
  2. range does not have a decent viable f2p healer atm
    3)there are more melee f2p toons than range atm, most the f2p range toons are semi f2p (shane, Rick, eugune) with no f2p way to obtain atm. Restricting the viable team alternatives for range

great remark i play almost 2 year but i never got this carl

Ranged is better for attack, melee for defense. It’s like comparing Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather.


And Mele are too tough for range to attack. Mele can slaughter Range with their defender nature.

Huh? ------x