Why making rules if can't follow on them?

There is absolutely no way of knowing before they locked it that it was an abuse of game mechanics! Scopes left that description vague on purpose so they can make up the rules as they go and stop anything they don’t like. Please stop blaming players just because you were an unlucky one and put it where it belongs

I was a lucky one. I got about 2,000 coins.

I’m not blaming the players. What I’m doing is using logic to determine my opinion, not emotion.

A group of imperfect humans created an imperfect event that had unintended mechanics. They then halted the offending mechanics, temporarily, while searching for a solution. The solution had 0% chance of pleasing all parties, therefore they chose to release a solution that was easiest for their imperfect humans to put together in a short timeframe.

This forum is full of cry babies

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This is one of those situations that fall into the box of being a grey area. And they exist in so many forms everywhere we all move around in this nice little thing called life.

Was it supposed to work this way? I highly doubt it as no way would Scopley pay out free coins like that.

Was it an exploit - yes indeed as exploit means taking advantage of something and lots did.

Why grey area then? Well because this was caused by a simple allowed game mechanic - the ability to have accounts in multiple regions. It was not intended for all to be able to collect rewards in this event but somehow it was. So people used a simple established game mechanics to get free coins and the community assisted. And had fun (lots of fun!)

Since Scopley probably should have thought of this, or ensured their coding didn’t allow for accounts below level 15 to get rewards it’s a grey area. You can’t really point at one single point of failure hence Scopley decided to take partly blame and chose the solution they did.

You can like it or not, you can cry scream and yell or you can accept that sometimes things happen that isn’t black and white and calls for a pragmatic solution.

I’m also assuming that is why Scopley initially called us all opportunists which I found funny and also to a certain extend acknowledging their highly skilled community. They are telling us that they know they should have seen this before event release but also know that this is an exploit. It’s not a sure this or that - it is a grey area. :blush:

For those of you that missed out - I understand your anger and frustration but maybe try to see it from Scopley perspective. Don’t be fooled by the SS you see posted all around. Majority didn’t get that many coins so it’s not game breaking.

I got 800 coins - I admit it - I took the opportunity once. But spend the next 4 hours trying to let as many into our faction as I could and to be honest - in my 4 years in this game - that was the most fun I’ve had.

No particular segment of players took advantage - everyone online for the almost 17 hours it was open had equal opportunity. Some took it and some didn’t - either by choice or lack of knowledge. And that is how it is with these things be it a game opportunity or a TV on sale for a wrong price.

I get your anger but I hope you somehow also understand the situation and I for one is happy that Scopley accepted part responsibility (at least that is how I interpret their solution). And I think that is good for the game in the longer run :blush:

Non of us would have benefitted had they chosen to place full blame on the community for this.

I hope you all have a great day despite all this :blush:


Maybe more time on the game than down the gym or posing in front of the mirror :smiley:

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