Why keep survivors club?

looking for some positives to keep paying each month for this? I’m having a hard time finding the positive.

There is no reason to keep it


Do people have no free will nowadays? It baffles my mind when people ask such questions. As if they no longer can decide for themselves what’s good and what not. Come on, seriously if you have to ask this then you already know the answer. Just stop wasting real money for unreal stuff.


If you don’t see value in it then stop. The more people who say enough is enough and stop the more likely they will be to provide some more incentives to the SC.


Obligatory “Is subscription worth it” post number 7,658 if we get to 10,000 Scopely said they will tell you all No

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Weapon upgrades for no parts, larger roster, comic books for events, extra gold bricks, some events double rewards. Those are the reasons I keep it. I find a value in it, but I do agree the 24.99 a month value is not that good. I might cancel this month, just because I agree it’s not that good of a bonus for the monthly charge.

I think this topic convinced me it’s just not worth the price. Thanks.


Dont see why people need to justify spending money for what is literally nothing right now. Be normal like me and cancel if it is not worth it. Easy enough to get it back if something comes up

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If you have good luck from the premier recruits I say keep it.

It’s only useful if you have andrea sc, want to do armory shit without the parts.

Sc is kinda worthless since they never made a monthly exclusive sc toon (Julie was one but they forgot her)

They should make sc 9.99$


Who uses a sc toon now :man_shrugging:t3:

If it’s not andrea it’s useless. Andrea is a good sc shield but I barely see people using Julie.

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they should just raise the price to 1000 bucks
so many suckers just keep it
easy money

Just stop paying that,its much money for less things,you can buy a lot of things if this money.

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Are you still spending yet? After 4 years, really? Should be called Idiots Club.


Julie was great on attack, defense never.

It’s your money, dude.
Why should we care if you do or don’t?

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For no crafting materials needed if you mod a lot in the armory, extra roster space, some freebies in the museum you could tradein extra comics, extra goldbrix for next ascendable freebie…other than that its shts! Haha…

Pretty much this, down to one collection in the museum with no news on anything upcoming. Pathetic…

Yup it is pathetic how they manage to sort it out for a few months then once again forget about it and neglect it again.
watching the scopely sht show, that is them trying to constantly shaft the players, only for them to keep getting shafted themselves with all the #gates is pretty entertaining

Real question is ‘‘why would anyone ever subscribe such a poor offer in the first place’’ ???