Why keep players hostage in a region?

after 2 years of playing this game, I have spent some money and grinded away to create an average roster in my original region of blount, I have finally had enough of being pitted against the whales who came into out 1A region to change what was once a good dynamic. So now I’d like to go and try to find a new home for my 2 years of work and enjoy participation in this game at my level.
Oh wait… I can’t because Scopely decided to lock all outgoing transfers from 1A regions, Everyone is welcome to join in the window, but sorry you can’t leave, so please continue to get screwed where you are as more people join.
I know, I know , I know, I benefit from the extra rewards of being in a good region that placed 2nd in CRW and i got my 7 war crates of 10K mod scraps and 6 silver and bronze mods, so yes those rewards are “definitely” worth a weekend of getting my factions ass handed it to it by the whales of played the system and used those 2 level 2 generals to match against us and wipe us out. I 'm also aware I could start again in another region but why should i have to?
I’d just the like opportunity to compete again. thats all I’m asking for. @GR.Scopely help me out


if you haven’t spent, start again. It’s not too difficult to build up. I do it all the time.

Yeah he could but that’s two years of grinding wasted

I said i could start again, but my point is why should I have too?

You’re being kept hostage because you haven’t paid the ransom.

Keep Spending!

refuse to spend anymore

Just join up with cheaters, you’ll get a free transfer to a graveyard region


Transfer are coming up soon. Pay the fee and stay away from.1a regions my suggestion

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Grass isn’t always greener. You will likely end up stuck in a region that is dying. Sure it’ll have perks like easy competition, but it becomes impossible to replace people that have retired or drop in activity

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Because whales need food too.

never said the grass is greener, all I’m stating is that I should have the option and freedom to choose where i go. the fact that people are allowed to transfer in but not out is my point and shouldn’t be going on. also not looking for easy competition looking for good competition which was one once the nature of the region. Transfers destroyed that, so I should be able to get out when they allow new in.

Well that was my second suggestion, but possibly not in the spirit of the game.

You want to go because you want an easy life? Seems to me you’re getting your share of what the rest of us have had to put up with.

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Thing is, what people say they want and what they actually want is two entirely different things. They want competition but they dont want competition they can’t beat.


I want to have the option and the choice. neither are available without leaving 2 years of grind behind. thats my point which you seem to miss, i have NO problem with competition, in raids, I can choose whether to attack that person, in wars i can choose whether or not to attack an opponent, or just not bother, with regions there is no choice if you happen to be in 1A, every region has that choice!

You should have the right of free moving, if you didn’t choose the top tournaments life then you’re definitely being held hostage


You raid rank carry over to a new region. Depending who the region you would rank high. If about that whale life I suggestion move to their lower

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