Why it’s so easy to #staystrong

I have always been a mid-level spender. I’d probably do one to two 10 pulls a month and this yielded some good luck and some bad luck over the years. Only twice since the introduction of six stats have I paid outright for a 40 pull (blue michonne; unsuccessful, payback negan; successful). This varied luck has given me enough options to build viable teams that have been able to take down MOST defences, with some thought and practice. I’m P12 and have been playing the game for pretty much bang on three years.

It’s been very lucky that the changes to the premier wheel have pretty much coincided with the formation of the #playersunited movement. The odds were already pretty bad, but now they are actually so shocking it’s an insult. 0.6% chance of pulling the featured toon? You’d have to do 167 pulls! And that’s only when it’s not a NEW premier. Those, they don’t even release the odds for. No, you have to lay down £500 per week to collect the items to get this toon. That’s insane! I could go on holiday for that. Or save for 10 weeks and buy a new damn car. Regardless of what else I could do with the money, I simply cannot afford it.No. I am not tempted to spend in the slightest.

Scopely really need to review their business model. At the moment they are alienating 99.9% of their playerbase, simply because we can’t afford the product, not because we don’t want it. I’m guessing this is punishment for skullgate. And because Scopely has been giving out ‘free’ coins more frequently of late. Well, sooner or later those coins will be gone and no one will be buying more. There’s no point. There is nothing for mid level spenders now. It’s either a case of being the biggest, whaliest whale, or be F2P. And looking at the state of the newest legacy, the existence as a F2P going forward is bleak.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely please take this seriously. If I remain F2P (which I will if I continue to be priced out the market) sooner or later I won’t be able to compete at the level I have been used to for a long time. Then I will simply quit. And there are many others like me.


Im with you


Free coins if your account is coded for free coins … Sorry my belief


I opened about 150 crates and no coins. Four people in my faction got coins, one of them twice. I’m happy for them.


if only scopely has ears like dumbo. maybe we would be in a bit better place. nice post!
#staystrong #playersunited #fixyourgame

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Why it’s so hard to #staystrong


I agree and totally get it …but…
My hooptie lame ass f2p team sometimes lucked out and beat that overpriced team.
I still like the challenges and the grind…
Id just prefer a sliver of hope in terms of f2p being competitive again



If model is broken, small spending or fixes won’t get you there



It’s easy to #StayStrong when u lost ur job (like me)

You did take a team of 5* vs a team of 6*. Wasnt ending well whether or not you were spending



It was meant to be an exaggerated comparison lol.

Ok. Lmao, I just have to be sure because that’s some people’s real view on things like that

Some teams have had me feel like I’m bringing fives in. Because scopely wants to sell new metas instead of new equal choices

I might add that, not only are Scopely shooting themselves in the foot by pricing all but the tiniest minority of players out of the market (therefore turning most players away from spending at all), but it’s highly unethical. They are preying on people’s addictions. It’s been said many times, but it’s very similar to gambling. I know of a player who actually bankrupted himself due to this game (back in the five star era). And I’m sure there are other stories like his.


Yeah, its a legal loophole. You can’t visit casino under certain age. But here even a kid can gamble (sorry… PULL) without any restrictions.


Scopely had already said that 2% of their players bring them 98% of revenues. So it works for them.

Usually there is nothing ethical about gambling.

Just like any casino would

But it was nice to feel yourself as a whale, right?
He paid for this emotions and got what he paid for.

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My story is like his. I was a whale in the 5 star era. I spent so much due to the addiction and had money on multiple credit cards that I only managed to clear by moving to China for a better salary.
I was always planning on working abroad, that wasn’t what made me do it, but if I’d stayed in the UK I would have massively struggled for a good couple of years at least to pay it off, even with a decent-ish salary.
It was completely my choice, but it was an addiction when I got heavily involved in this game. I quit for 16-18months, came back to 6 stars and the multiple thousands I’d put into the game being absolutely worthless. I started spending moderately again (well for this game - about 400-500gbp since start of February, but I can afford that now) but will stay F2P since #playersunited until they change.
I’m at a happier place in my life and it was because I wasn’t before that the addiction was so easy to take hold of me, I’m not worried about that happening again now, at least no where near to the same extent anyway.
I completely agree that their business practice is highly unethical.


I would argue that the new system is pricing many of that 2% out of the market. Previously a big pull had a reasonable chance of adding something of value to your roster, even if it wasn’t the featured toon. Now, as many have demonstrated on other threads, even 4 big pulls is yielding nothing. Sooner or later that 2% will say enough is enough.

Sadly for those already addicted, this can only lead to more misery.

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Sorry to hear that story. Well done for overcoming it. Good you managed to stay part of the community!