Why isn't Whisperer War Heath Ascendable yet?


I mean come on. He was in every single melee team I ever saw back before 6s and even when 6s were becoming new and everyone only had maybe 2 or 3. He is hands down one of the best candidates to be next on the list. When??? And does anyone else agree with me???


What about sr zeke


Lame leader skill though. Add +40% defense or attack to it and you got a deal.


No. Caleb 6⭐.


I just want my Legendary Allen :grin:


Necesitamos nuevos de 6* qué pasa con los que compraron o ganaron 5* top, ejemplo : Negan limitado, 2 espadas Michonne, Priya, Teresa, Heat comando… ??? Cuando saldrán más de 6*? Más variedad de líderes? Siempre mismos equipos o mismos líderes Ericka, Carl, Mirabel.


We are in desperate need of a green 6 star command to be fair so yea… :thinking:


Glenn? Lol


What makes him one of the best candidates to be next? Older 5*s which havent seen daylight for years need it much more.


You where’s clem I’ve been waiting for her when this new season came out but don’t see her in sight


OPs Translation: "I personally like this character and happen to have him so it would benefit me the most if he would be ascendable. I’m not considering logic so I’ll exaggerate how great/popular this character is to get people to agree with me.


Agreed especially that I have 2 lmao but even when I had one he isn’t one of the best 5s I mean they released him when 5s were were kinda crappy so why not let him enter the 6* meta


There are much worse 5*s. Im not even gonna name them because that’d be a massive list.


There are so many worse 5*s


Remember when there was that but that stacked his rush doubling the buffs, I was shredding every person in no time flat lmao.


I’m not sure which region you are from, but here in Henry, you didn’t have a good melee unless you had either Heath or SR zeke. Sure you could do without, but we all used him


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