Why isn't there a faction recruitment category


The old forum had one. So why doesn’t this one?


Cause the game is over 2 years old and everyone has been established so why recruit when you can just rock what you got and create a vibe with your current faction members?


Poaching happens and we lose members to higher factions so we’re trying to build numbers again.


I don’t really see the need but if the forum wants one, we can totally make one and pin it globally.

I will track this thread to monitor the :+1: or :-1: for the idea.


With all the different regions, it seems like a waste of space


Not worth it in my opinion, recruit from in your own region, you get one or two people per region on this forum


If you base your recruitment off some forum posts, you’re looking for the wrong thing in a new recruit…


I changed factions recently. Just dropped my old faction and chatted in global. Got an invite to a good faction from a guy I didn’t even talk to. Easy.

Chat in global. It keeps your visibility where it needs to be. If you could really push it and advertise, that will work too. Depends how you want to play it.

You could also post a faction message asking for new recruits, but then you won’t get a chance to get to know them before you add.

I think the forums are actually a fairly bad way to recruit personally. It opens the pool to people in any number of regions, so you’re casting the net pretty wide. Plus, you can’t check out their stats on the spot. Raid rank, player level, and team strength should be checked before considering bringing someone on board. Also, in global you can see how they talk to/about people, which is a good indicator of how they will fit in with your faction.