Why isnt Pam no longer

Giving xp on the special roadmaps?

I assume you mean “does Pam give XP on roadmaps, or no?”. Pam still goes give XP on roadmaps, but it’s a very minuscule amount to the point that it’s not worth it.

Yeah after Pamgate they fubared and nerfered her xp on special roadmaps from 150 to 88 then to 55 then 15. Now seems like its 0.

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because she had a use that was helpful to players that scopes realized they should be charging?

how is that different than the YGL scav camp game mechanic?


Ygl gives xp as long as toons arent maxed.

I took and used pam as faction ally on this stage and my six star Rosita got no xp on the stage.

It based off of energy used you technically did t use energy so you didnt get xp

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They must of changed it because back when the candel roadmaps were around and needed the igniters it counted.

They changed it and nerfed her before and then re-released her with her old skills again this time only when world energy is used

Yup, exactly two days after I pulled her she was neutered. Had just long enough to find out she was pretty useful in those special roadmaps. I remember telling my faction mates, “Check this out! they finally gave ftp something useful.” Could actually hit the level up milestones and was really enjoying leveling up those random characters I didn’t really need, but wanted to try out. Then Bam! Slapped silly with the Nerf bat. She is useless now.

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