Why isnt harlan a war reward?


He’s so niche, will fit barely any teams, seems perfect as a war reward


Because no one will pull for him if he’s a war reward, and top1 is always pull shit cuz they are bored af


Toon rewards encouraged people to fight for the top, not just be content with top 200 rewards.

Toon rewards inspired newer players to try hard and work their way up to join the top players, not just fill spots because top factions cant fill up anymore because no one cares about rewards now.


They were always cons to offering toons to just the top three though. I liked the war/level up when top 25 received a toon as a prize, they’d have to go down that route again when merging comes into effect.


Little bit shit, certainly not good enough to pull for - he’s a perfect war reward


Harlan is total garbage, and fixing Michonne right before his release doesn’t change that. Nice try though.


It’s all a matter of opinion.


Definatly is but without proper rewards there’s no reason to keep buying new toons.


The strange thing to me is that all the rewards are built around being able to ascend and use the 5* version of any ascendable recruit. No one is running teams with unleveled AR/AS at t2 or lower.


Wow I am not impressed with Harlan at all and I’m a lower end player. Ran him through some roadmaps…uh yeah he just waves his gun around.

This guy reminds me of that terrible 3* Diego, who by the way was worse than some 2*. You guys can go and debate and fight for him. Me…I’ll pass…I’d take a nerfed michonne over that guy.



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Because they don’t do that anymore.


I agree Harlan would be a good war reward. He is almost useless, but because he is an ascendable toon people will fight for him, scopely dont realize that the lack of a sensible reward structure kills completion, there is no difference being in the faction that comes first to the one that come tenth, rewards is the same bcuz players really dont care about the 2 or 3 benny or tape.


My take on Harlen is yes not worth doing pulls for him but if I had to say where he shines is only to heal magna since he is 58 ap he will go off first exspecialy when commanded. That’s as far as he goes on defense on offense its a nice active skill he has but that’s it. Overall meh nothing exciting.


But then you have the problem of everyone trying to get to top factions.
Basically fighting off all other factions because the rewards are so much better at the top

All of you say should be a reward for War in top places but you never mention how you stop the top factions from running rampant and growing stronger as other factions become farms for them to steal new recruits.


Whats the point of playing a competitive game if there are no good rewards?


I’d rather have those purple tokens with the small chance of getting a better ascendable 5 or 6. Harlan would sit on the bench for me other than SR.


Harlan’s best use would be for Nightmare Roadmaps as a.Faction supporter. Not all cards are good for PvP.


He is going to be the July.log in event or next necklace equivalent event. That’s why