Why is war 6v6?


My god. Keep breaking stuff.

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@kalishane. Any thing on this?

That’s bs!!!

**** this company …some bs

Not enough people playing the game

3/4 weeks til we get war again and they pull this crap! Not nearly as fun as 8v8!! UGH!!

6v6 wars are awful. Just when you think scopely has figured things out, they go and mess something up.

I like it.


Oui pourquoi 6 vs 6 j’ai posé la.la question hier pour savoir si 8 vs 8 ou si 6 vs 6 et pas de réponse. Pas cool pour l’organisation

Am not complaining in my region it’s easier to fill


If thats the issue make factions go from 30 to 36

Question thou is the change of numbers allowed in a war party different depending on the size of the region? Wonder how Jeff Davis is looking maybe 12v12 lol

Me too. Means less stress on me to keep queue going at work, before I go to bed, as I’m driving, etc


I’m not sure if it’s too early, but people may already be doing Christmas vacations and doing things with family.


And the wait is still 6 minutes.


all the fun of 8v8 with cans being less effective and longer waits! Yay. Looks like you really paid attention to all the backlash the last bullshit 6v6 nonblitz and said well go f yourself community.

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I like the 6v6 for our region anyway as it’s almost dead hahhaa


Gilmer region faction only need 6 people to join faction to do 1 war and finish top 40. Possible top 20!

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I’m sumter, you do even one war, guaranteed 5th. Only have 3 main factions with 2 that get locked out hahha

from time to time i see what you write about your region. srsly… i dont get why you all still play. it sounds horrible

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