Why is this guy pretty much non existant now?

What guy ?? Oo Pulled that hershel, micho and eze lately… pretty sure rick is in the wheel too. If that’s maggie “miles behind us” you can get her through ascendance.

He’s in the depot

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Only the Rick is i think.

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Yellow Treese is in the depot

Yeah I know he’s in the depot but why not have him in the wheel, saying as though they have terrible to toons there

Non existant have you heard of Blue og Dwight he’s needed for 4 god damm collections and is due to be ascended @kalishane pls add can you add him to the ascendense wheel or 5* tokens same with Connor theese old Bois are so old not many ppl have em

Yeah he’s like the rarest lol

who ?

they are pretty common as I told you

That yellow Tyreese was in the wheel at some point because I have pulled him. I have him and didn’t use depot points get him.

Yes he was in the original 5 star wheel

I have him and don’t use him much. Tower team, survival road, territory defense, that’s it. I imagine you just want him to complete museum collections.

Hes always been in the depot since they made the depot. And hes also available in training grounds. So hes pretty existant


There are more toons available from the wheels than what are shown in the rotating lineup.

he’s one of the 2x 5* toons I got from the training ground :open_mouth:

Yellow Ty were long gone
He is no longer in my depot since almost early 2017

He’s currently in mine.

In my as well got him on extreme sale right now I have him already so not wasting my sp on him