Why is this Carl still only worth food?


It’s been so long after the events where you gave him to us for free and there was a glitch where he sold for a lot more sp than he’s worth. But he shouldn’t be worth 500 food still.

I haz returned - responses incoming

I keep him for the sole purpose of wanting s.d pts for him one day :joy: 500 food just seems a rip off.


Totally, I wanna lie and say I got him with a 250 coin pull but I got him from a basic token but still


But but but ascendancy fodder


Wait. You actually make… 4*s?


I’ve got a lot of extra silver ascendable tokens (I’ve gotten pretty lucky in that regard. I know a lot of folks struggle with them). It’s more bang for your buck than converting them to supply points if you don’t care about the silver ascendance medals. And you can easily level up the 3 stars for free by throwing them in YGL when a level up isn’t running.


How is it more… 130x9…vs…390


Good question… 3* And war is basically my only income of sp. I used to sell 4*s but can’t anymore cause I can’t find epic trainers.


The real answer though is because he’s way tastier than the other characters and well…


Must. Get. 130. Supply. Depot. Points.


You’re funny.