Why is this allowed?


why is this kind of stuff allowed in our community? In game reports obviously aren’t doing the job, I’m fully aware trash talk is welcome, but this just blows past the line of trash talk. @kalishane it’s a clear violation of terms and service but yet this has been allowed to continue for over six months


Just block it and keep it moving. Not worth getting bent out of shape about. You know Scopely won’t do anything.


Once a Guy named “Bolsonaro” in my region called me monkey and others racial slurs. Support said they would look on It. It has been six months and the Guy is still there.


While i’m inclined to agree - ignore and move on - there’s no place for xenophobia/racism and Scopely should be taking a harder line with it

Unfortunately this is probably the least of Scopelys problems at the moment


Nah ignoring stuff like that is bad. You gotta challenge it and report it and depending where this douche bag is in the world it’s probably illegal as well. That ■■■■■■ needs to be banned and the IP blocked so he can’t come back.


Zero moderation on the in game chats - I just don’t join them but the solution we had in other games is to blast them to the stone age. Hard to do in this game.



This needs to be dealt with



It is up to the players on this one.


And yet thats pretty tame for him actually. He makes claims about how he’ll drive people to commit suicide and brags about it, like it’s actually something to be proud of. Repeatedly tells people kys (cant type it out, it gets blocked in here). Racial slurs, comments about people’s children. Seen on occasions where a female says something about being under the age of 18, so he asks for nudes. And yet nothing happens.


this needs looked into and should be taken serious! in-game report function does nothing and it should be taken seriously when a user is reported and warned or banned.


It’s clear he is intentionally trying to be offensive, so let him. At the end of the day why does it matter to you when you can just block him.


The same explanation for why you can’t block people here on the forum should be applied to the in-game chat too. It needs to be dealt with.


Because it’s an online game


nothing will happen. i reported a player and his faction, both use a swastika as “name” twice. they are still around.


Why does it need to be dealt with? Who cares what people say? The word police stuff has to stop, it all comes back around and eventually every word will be offensive. Just grow up and ignore them.


I think the right question is “Can it be dealt with?”. You can only report after it’s already been said and affected you (or someone else). If that leads to the person getting banned… okay… that doesn’t mean the next hundred people that want to say something stupid won’t.


Yeah, personally I don’t feel like I should have to deal with that. This guy came to my region after the first region war. For months he did that. I told @kalishane about this guy, And never saw him again! :blush: hopefully that means he is gone forever!


Too add, me and several other factions had reported and ss and contacted support but nothing had been done.


That’s horrible. Sorry that happened to you. :pensive:


i dont have a problem with GC or FC and you are telling the wrong person to grow up about that, i can ignore them, maybe i need to grow up in other aspects but it does need to be dealt with. a lot of people here could use some growing up too! i have seen some of the fucked up chat but i just ignore it and i have clicked that report button a few times myself but nothing ever does get done about it. i support the block function but at the same time people shouldnt be allowed to run around GC and say stuff like they are on 4chan or youtube. telling people to ignore it and block them is not the right way to deal with this, their behavior needs to be stopped and they shouldn’t be allowed to say those types of things.