Why is there so many Level Up Tournaments?


Is there a reason why there is so many level up tournaments? Many players are not getting enough time to restock gear and other resources needed to level their characters. If you want to increase tournament activity do more of a variety of events. Like bring back Midweek Blitz Wars, weekly Faction Raids, weekly Faction Level Ups, etc. But I think enough is enough with the nonstop Solo Level Up Events.


Kalishane had posted this is how it’s going to be for now on.
Solution - You don’t have to compete in every single solo lvl up if your low on resources. It’s not as if the rewards are unmissable or anything.


The entire reasoning can be found in one of her earlier posts:

Hope that answers some of your questions! :slight_smile:


they make the most $




I’d personally skip the ones that don’t offer descent rewards. But I feel the same way