Why is there no S Class Rick or Negan?

Anyone notice this? The two biggest parts of the entire Comic aren’t even their own S Class. Rick should be an Alert S Class with his Colt and Negan should be Strong S Class with Lucille.

Or am I just overthinking?


Probably waiting to drop one when they screw up big. They probably have 1 or 2 in the chamber when things are dark.


The original cast should be available. All of these characters who are either made up or insignificant is okay with me but they should include Rick, Negan, Alpha, and the Governor at the very least. Maybe add Beta and Michonne. Maybe even some from the show that aren’t in the comic like Darryl. So many options to choose from but we get Eugene as the first S Class that is recognizable to the fans?


I don’t disagree.

Perhaps no longer owning the license to use certain characters.

What? I agree on more Comic Characters, so Eugene defenitly isen’t the first.

There’re also Pete, Princess, Mercer, Frost, Shiva, Aaron and Rosita from the Comics.

Aswell as Clementine, Louis and Minerva from Telltale.


I don’t remember Pete but it has been a while since I finished the comics.

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That’s right. I forgot. It has been a few years since I read that.

This is what I have thought as well, maybe they can continue to use the ones already developed, but can’t make new ones of the big names. Carl, Rick, Michonne, etc.

Cant use Daryl, he is owned by AMC, not the comic.

Very true. Would have loved an S class Yumiko or Magna. They are big in the show. Maybe even an S class Maggie. But it appears the biggest ones in the Comic aren’t S class

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