Why is there no rise to power tokens being offered for CRW?

@kalishane The title is self-explanatory. Why don’t we receive any Rise To Power tokens for prizes? This is nonsensical. These awards are really weird.

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Not sure but the only thing that was mentioned was:

Yes I saw that mate; I want an explanation though.

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Yay! At least they say something

I don’t work at Scopely / have control over the game.

I know, i was talking about the article that you shared

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Why does it have 8 region rewards?

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Oh gotcha,

Im not sure but the thing I thought about was that they wanted the R2P tokens to be distributed on a local war level instead of a cross regional level.

Seeing as though our next war after this CRW will be a local regional war, itll give each region a better chance to get their lump sum of tokens.

If you distributed the R2P tokens over 8 regions it would potentially mean the lower lower factions would miss out on a big chunk of the tokens needed for Rick. It is harder to control the output of tokens this way.

Either that or this CRW prize structure was already made? and that is what they are rolling out. We’ll see next war though. :face_with_monocle:


I know, my region has I think 20 or so… “active” factions… Some have 2-3 active regions which is scary.

Maybe they’re expecting players to buy the token bags and crates. Honestly, I’ll dip into them, worst case scenario I don’t have enough for all 32 pulls near the end.

That’s because on the last few days of the event, Scopley wants us to pay for power tokens to win. Lol

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Honestly dunno why that was merged here. Please try to stay on topic. I don’t want this to be closed.

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I would surmise that since the turn in for Alexandria Badges ends during the event there will be the 2nd weeks item for turn in - probably whatever the items are in the first 2 milestones.


I expect a wave of complaints from people who weren’t paying attention and didna get their Alexandria Badges converted before the turn in expired.


We have 1 active faction. We always get matched with less active regions because of that. The leaderboard will be pretty small in this first 8fac war for us. Im guessing 10-20 factions. Will update…

What a mess