Why is there a limit on how many times we can post on here?


As a American I’m offended by a thing that limits what I can and can’t do I have a boring job and I need something to do like talk about TWD rts someone please fix this issue


Because in the past we had problems of spam bots flooding the forums…

Tho I agree one should change the limit to 2 threads per hour. That way you already prevent bots from spamming


Yea this is a basic Discourse setting that’s recommended.

It’s increased as we become older users – past a day or so!

It’s all based around the trust level aspect of the this platform.


Cool, good to know!


All great things get better with time! :cheese: :wine_glass:


its not hard limit it to 25 per new ip.


The limit says 30. I think I upped it to that?


20 of my allowed posts were used for the tutorial bot :joy::joy::joy: been locked for over 8 hours from posting…
I do hope these limits will lift a bit soon, as you know, us players are vocal and the majority of us play by the rules (I know it’s the rules of the platform you use)


it does not allow you reply to PMs aswell when you hit the limit. Damn my 1 message gone atm! :joy:


If you typed a message and you hit your limit and it wouldn’t sent, go back to your messages and click on the message thread you were replying too. It’ll be save down the bottom of the screen, unless you cancelled it


Haha you guys really are!

I had another community once on this same platform and this was neve reported to me!! haha :slight_smile:

I love it though. I might need more CM help to get by though!


We are over-active :smiley:


I’ve gone and moved this thread to the “Site Feedback” section since this is where it belongs. :slight_smile:


Here here …!


why did you revive this old ass thread? also, we don’t need lashay back, their behavior was toxic to the community, and the dev team.