Why is there a lack of green 6*?


It’s been like 6 weeks since we have had a new green 6* So here are some names

Alexander Rybak

and here is characters from the comic who should be green

Alice Warren
Pete Anderson
Dexter (a heart’s desire)
Tyreese (Fear The Hunters)
Chris (Fear The Hunters)
Eric (Larger World )
Allen ( Safety Behind Bars)
The Governor (Issue 75 edition)


22 of the 94 characters are green :man_facepalming: We don’t need more


With that ratio, more would be nice actually. Especially legacy ones.


that’s less than 25% I think we do need more seeing as there hasn’t been any new ones lately.


I correct you a bit:

Alice should be :tough: Tough since she was a really good shot.
Peter Anderson should be :fast: Fast since he used a Knife as an Example to kill someone (won’t spoil)
Dexter. We don’t really need another Dexter, Thomas finally needs a Toon, but Dexter already has one.
Tryreese was already Dead at this Volume, Sorry
Chris. That could fit :wink:
Eric, that also could fit, even if as Yellow Version would be more amusing since he was stabbed with one in this Volume.
Allen, you got me with this one. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Even Amy got a freaking 5* as the First one to die.
The Governor, why Issue 75? He was long Dead here.

And about the names, Please don’t give them names for more new characters without any backstory. I’m really
sick of them.


We just got Green Abe and if you picked him from the 150 SR Viktor. Wasn’t too long ago we also got Eugene.

They can’t balance out the f2p from the p2w at all but they are pretty good at balancing out the 4 colors.


Tyreese does in the prison, which is before “fear the hunters”


Idk about that, there’s only about 7 f2p reds

Lori, wandy, rosita, Lucas, dev, gov, and Mira


oh that’s true lol let’s change that to Pastor Gabe than


I’m green heavy tbh.


that’s very true. Plus Knox is coming soon too i hope


i could give back stories to these characters. I just copied and pasted the new names from eurovision 2018. They could be at eurovision and the zombies come. They fight the zombies but sadly the girl from Bulgaria is bitten on the arm she is the 1st to go.

and issue 75 is a special ending with the governor as a cyborg that’s why.


I just read about it. Looks Really Creepy. But then we also would need Axel, Martinez and Billy Ghost Editions.

The Backstories aren’t problem. I’m just sick of new characters in General


new garrett is green. should be able to get em in about 6d if you stayed on top of your candle collection.


But Compared to other characters its a lot


i feel that. I wish they would have more comic chars


I’m like 800 away from the 6* garret but either way i got the new green one :smiley:


when Dev was free?


he was the prize for like 4 solo level up and many other events.


hmm… still though i dont see him a f2p toon even if he was as a reward in solo lvl up he is hard to get