Why is the word line censored

Im trying to get new fac member to join our faction line app group but censors blank it everytime i type line or any readable version of it. The censors are blanking an apps name maybe i should tell line about this so they can sue twd rts

I don’t think that’s how the legal system works, but censoring “line” is nonetheless the most ridiculously self-destructive censor yet.


This is the most ridiculise censored word its an apps name are twd rts so stupid they dont know that

Line is used by most factions as a way of communicating outside the game

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Kik is also censored.

If Scopely are so keen for us not to use communication channels they should seriously (and I mean hugely) increase the character cap for in game massages and chat


Scopely have applied no intelligence to the chat censor - it’s all done by RNG. That is why beer and moan are also censored

I can use the word “Line” without any censoring.

Maybe you offended the chat bot?


I can use line, kik, beer and moan. weird

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Bc line is expired, now everyone use kik! Ask me! It is far away better!

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I can’t say booty.

At least two people in my region can say f**k. But I can’t say pint

Can’t say line because line of coke

you’re supposed to take it to the team not justify it

I took it to the team this is what they came back with

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capital i, ine works fine

dark times ahead. soon hit, shot and burn will be censored now you have dea aficionado in the team.

You can say line or Line. You can’t say line app. Drop app and voila.

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It’s ridiculous considering the bad language in the game

and discord beat both

Wechat is best chat