Why is SR Carl so cheap compared to SR Maggie?

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Thats one hell of a sale

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Who knows what Scopely think when setting the prices on that depot. Most of the stuff on there is ridiculously expensive and way over-priced for the value of the items.
They had an opportunity to review this when they added new items but they’re obviously clueless because the new stuff is overpriced too. 7500 depot points for 5000 mod scraps? No thanks.

A 4* is only worth 390 when you sell them

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Seems like a bug (wow again, what a surprise), since he’s priced in SD points rather than Survival Tokens.

That explains why some of my supply points vanished after I bought him

“some supply points vanished” lol
A popup tells you that you’re spending SD tokens.

I have ape brain, didn’t notice, soooo

This has been reported already:

I just checked the depot and it is now fixed:

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TOP priority issues here guys.

Glad this was reported & resolved ASAP!

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